Sound and Machine

Good times playing for the Pulse Generator event in San Francisco at Underground SF. This recorded live mix is also downloadable from my podcast called "Sound and Machine" on iTunes.
Track listing:
1. Ethinic Africa (Original Mix) by Nino Bellemo, Quality Cat
2. Deep Freeze (Original Mix) by Flare
3. Favorite Mistake (Original Mix) by DJ Lugo
4. Sourmash (Original Mix) by Sound Sour
5. Rub It (Agogô Tool Mix) by Trunkline
6. No me gusta (Original) by Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez
7. Placebo (Original Mix) by Le Son Du Placard
8. No Such Thing as a White Horse (Original Mix) by Kaye
9. Charlie (Original Mix) by Alex Long, Stanny Abram
10. Solid Dark (Original Mix) by Ben Champell
11. Molecular Beats (Original Mix) by Dan Traxmander, Luchiiano Vegas
12. Flying For Stars (Original mix) by Modular Phaze
13. Red Flag (Darkrow Remix) by Freeman (Spain)
14. Mixed Messages (Joseph Christopher Reconstruction) by Yvonne Black
15. Stellar (Original mix) by Stellar (Original mix)
16. Port Caol (Original Mix) by Matt Sassari
17. Full Body Contact (Raxon Remix) by Maurice Aymard
18. Casual (Original Mix) by Patrik Berg
19. Wailing (Alberto Ruiz Remix) by Aitor Ronda
20. Transpire (A++ Remix) by Fractious



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San Francisco is famous of its after hours parties. Had the pleasure to spin 7am at Monroe. It was one heck of  morning, since I had to play just 4 hours before that at Public Works for Crystal Method. I often like such crazy sets, because i m totally relying on the subconcious and play the best, wickedest, most fun sets. 

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Got to be part of the epic 14 year anniversary party for San Francisco's Opel Productions. The headliner was Crystal Method -who also announced their retirement. What a night. Track listing coming soon.

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