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Back with new material! Track listing:

1. Overlapping Hands (Signor Andreoni Remix) by Gabriele Carasco, Angelina Yershova

2. Stereolove feat. Villeneuve (Paul Kalkbrenner's John 3-20 Remix) by Agoria

3. Bass Resonance by J&S Project, Raffaele Rizzi

4. Hair Of The Dog by Pan/tone

5. Predator Clan by Electric Soulside

In the US, we have a holiday called "thanksgiving".  While there is quite a history behind this day, many give thanks to all sorts of things in their lives. From my end -  no matter what country you are listening from, I thank you all for recognizing my music and tuning in. Cheers!

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Flash back from july 2010!

Back then I didnt keep such good record of my track listing - so might not be able to provide that.

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