Sound and Machine

Track listing:
1. Analog Rain (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov, Shosho
2. Roll With Me (Original Mix) by Tim Vitek
3. Homequest (Extended Mix) by Humantronic
4. Tomahawk (dub) by Dave Angel
5. Nordlicht (Original Mix) by Rotwang
6. Ruhe (Original Mix) by Siles

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Track listing:
1. I believe it (Original Mix) by Nacim Ladj
2. Heron (Original Mix) by Shinsuke Tsuchiuchi
3. Various Thoughts (Original Mix) by JUDE!
4. Deserve (Original Mix) by Dataline
5. Expect Difficulties (Original Mix) by Teacoma

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Had a blast being part of the Icarus art car fundraiser!
Here is my set. Track listing:
1. Sea Breeze (Original Mix) by Modul P
2. Nebulized (Original Mix) by Luis Ake
3. Nasty Minutes (Emilio Romo Remix) by Dario Troisi
4. Smooth as Silk (Tobi Kramer Remix) by Chris Hartwig
5. Outcast (Original Mix) by Outcast (Original Mix)
6. Unterberg White (Original Mix) by Johnny Deep
7. Bottleneck (Original Mix) by D_Know
8. I.A.D. (Original Mix) by Jaceo, Vedic
9. Consciente De Ser (Original Mix) by Osman Villamizar
10. DayLight (Black Acid's Techy Remix by Nuria Ghia
11. Elirion (Original Mix) by Cactus Twisters
12. Emperor (Original Mix) by Ross Evans
13. Lazy Gum (Original Mix) by Slimfit
14. Let the Beat Back (Original Mix) by Noisebuilder

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Good times playing San Francisco's after hours party, PROX.IM.I.TY.  The venue was in the perfect warehouse with a great crowd where the party didnt stop till the sun came up. Much thanks for the PROX.IM.I.TY crew for having me. 

Track listing:

  1. DMT Flash (Original mix) by Dirt Fun
  2. Nasty Minutes (Emilio Romo Remix) by Dario Troisi
  3. Angels in the Club (Original Mix) by Boiler K, Elekplunkinkantk
  4. Heartbleed (Original Mix) by Onrum
  5. No Obstacles (Original Mix) by Luca M, JUST2, Alex Rise
  6. Notos (Original Mix) by Tony Puccio
  7. Illusion (Original Mix) by Hunter/Game
  8. Zwitch (Original Mix) by Heerhorst
  9. Open Fields (Original Mix) by Chris Nord
  10. R.X (Nightmare) by Manu Soto
  11. Killer Plastic (Original Mix) by Giorgio Rusconi
  12. Affair (Sven Tasnadi Remix) by Chris Child
  13. Youth (Original Mix) by Chris QHQ
  14. Iwigo (Original Mix) by Tini Garcia
  15. Pfeffle (Original Mix) by Sweetland
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Had the pleasure to be an opening DJ for Pig and Dan at Verso nightclub in San Francisco during their North America tour. Currently, Pig&Dan are the most charting techno duo on Beatport. These guys are known not to go above 124bpm with their sets, so I had to be mindful with my track selection to create just the right intensity level for the room. The following was played:

  1. Hunting Buddha by Mundopal
  2. The 770 (Original Mix) by Didier dlb
  3. La Espera (Original Mix) by Razz
  4. Curly (Gianluca Caldarelli Remix) by Bulaklak
  5. D-Tonation (Original Mix) by D-Tention
  6. Krasiva (Marco Madia Remix) by Dipo
  7. Consciente De Ser (Original Mix) by Osman Villamizar
  8. No Obstacles (Original Mix) by Luca M, JUST2, Alex Rise
  9. Moondancer (Antonio Valente Remix) by Saytek
  10. Muse (Original Mix) by Stephen Macias
  11. Striking (Original mix) by Marver
  12. Division (Original Mix) by Brian Cid
  13. Apocalypto (Kikdrm Remix) by Grasso & Maxim



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Track listing:
1. Syren (Original mix) by Horn
2. Notos (Original Mix) by Tony Puccio
3. Alkaline (Original Mix) by Audiotrauma
4. Intelecto (Original Mix) by Totem Pole, Effluence
5. Heartbleed (Original Mix) by Onrum
6. Buenos Aires (Original Mix) by Mozaiek 


[ techno, dance music, dj mix, edm, electronica ]

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This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio​, Chicago.
Track listing:
1. Zeus (Original Mix) by Loui Fernandez
2. Transparent (Original Mix) by Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm
3. Groove Only (Original Mix) by Tom Sawyer
4. Finding Peace of Mind (DJ Vitto Remix) by Mesquitas
5. Function (Original Mix) by Sopik

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This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio​, Chicago.

I have decided to do something different today, and focused the mix on chill music with vocals only. The Sound and Machine podcast being my musical playground and sound lab, I felt it was time do something with vocals for the first time in 5 years. ;)

Track listing for the episode is the following:

  1. Not the Same (Original Mix) by Four Days
  2. Acid Rain (Original Mix) by Campaner
  3. Insane (Rare Candy Remix) by Mickey Shiloh, Somn3um
  4. Frozen (LTN Sunrise Remix) by Christina Novelli, Roman Messer
  5. The Reach (Original Mix) by Four Days, Levitone
  6. Vectra (Original Mix) by Referna
  7. No Sympathy (Original Mix) by Maya Jane Coles


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New podcast is here. This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio, in Chicago on 92.5FM.

Track listing coming soon!


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My aired mix from Dance Factory Radio is here to download. This mini mix is also on my Podcast hosted on iTunes, MixCloud, and here, on SoundCloud. Track listing:
1. Blue Bags (Original Mix) by Slow Mode
2. Modana (Original Mix) by Morttagua
3. Easy (Original Mix) by Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot, Customer
4. Koil (Original Mix) by Lazy Bem
5. Beam Me Up (Original Mix) by NoizX

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