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Hi Everyone, 


MNML:FUN is a monthly event in San Francisco that my buddies and I are throwing. We are showcasing local techno and minimal talent.

This was my live set. The track listing was the following:

Track listing:
1. Love Drug feat. Fritz Helder (Booka's Red Light Remix) by Booka Shade
2. Moudness by Miguel Bastida
3. Freaky Deaky by Ruben Mandolini
4. Electriko by Sonic Dust
5. Drop the Box by Sebastian Manuel, TKNO
6. Kalypso by Hollen
7. Background (Alessan Main Remix) by Fabio Neural
8. Nymph by Tatumba, Mandello
9. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo
10. Raw Cut by Prok & Fitch
11. Terrazza's House by Philip Bader
12. Tanzfest by Truemode
13. Keep Calm by Beat N' Chic
14. Drugs (Vincent Villani Remix) by DurtysoxXx

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