Sound and Machine

Track listing for this show:

1. Black Python by Arquonn
2. La Eternidad by Big Al
3. Paranoid by Nacim Ladj
4. Rock You by Peter Gun
5. Toni's Pain (INXEC's Morphine Mashup) by Jaded, James Petrou

enjoy the show! your host, zita molnar

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Sound and Machine 09.09.12

Welcome to the first episode!  Artist and title listing for the episode is the following:
1. Stardust by Christopher Brooks, MonoSoul
2. What? (Probi Remix) by Carlo Whale
3. Trezzz (Dub) by Nick Muir, John Digweed, Guy J, J.D.N.M.G.J
4. Soundglider by Atmos
5. Second Sunrise by Behind Blue Eyes, Sun Control Species

Enjoy the show!

Your host, Zita Molnar

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