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New mix:

  1. The Mystery of Winter by Needra
  2. Constellation by Dani Sbert
  3. Sodom by Pedro Costa
  4. Look Up by Virtual Minimal
  5. Veins by Hot Since 82
  6. Gut Check (Julio (Italy) Remix) by Nonyas
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Mexico - here I come  =)) The guys from Querétaro were awesome to air a guest mix of mine on their radio station, Radar 107.5FM, Dynamis. 

Here is the full track listing:


  1. Danger by Robin Hirte, Raphael Dincsoy
  2. Souvenir by Clio
  3. Where are you now by ANNA
  4. Black Androit by Maunell
  5. Warship by Vigure, Charlie Curtis
  6. Rehab by Milex
  7. Golden Gate by Danniel Selfmade
  8. Known Unknowns (Jon Cataldo Remix) by Nonyas
  9. Clips by Hollen
  10. Dirty by Angelo Raguso, FAW9
  11. Sauvage by Carlos Guerrero
  12. Fight for Win by NAV3L
  13. The Stairway (Rene Breitbarth Acid Reconstruction) by Inner Square
  14. De Paso by Juan Santacruz
  15. Bathroom Party by Zita Molnar
  16. Fiser by David Olmos
  17. BRS by H. Paul
  18. Midnight by Hector Merida, Lacey IQ
  19. Moksha (Conrad Van Orton remix) by Scam.
  20. Resolution by Censer
  21. Fuck this Shit (John Barsik Remix) by Lucas Klein


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