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New mix:

  1. The Mystery of Winter by Needra
  2. Constellation by Dani Sbert
  3. Sodom by Pedro Costa
  4. Look Up by Virtual Minimal
  5. Veins by Hot Since 82
  6. Gut Check (Julio (Italy) Remix) by Nonyas
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Mexico - here I come  =)) The guys from Querétaro were awesome to air a guest mix of mine on their radio station, Radar 107.5FM, Dynamis. 

Here is the full track listing:


  1. Danger by Robin Hirte, Raphael Dincsoy
  2. Souvenir by Clio
  3. Where are you now by ANNA
  4. Black Androit by Maunell
  5. Warship by Vigure, Charlie Curtis
  6. Rehab by Milex
  7. Golden Gate by Danniel Selfmade
  8. Known Unknowns (Jon Cataldo Remix) by Nonyas
  9. Clips by Hollen
  10. Dirty by Angelo Raguso, FAW9
  11. Sauvage by Carlos Guerrero
  12. Fight for Win by NAV3L
  13. The Stairway (Rene Breitbarth Acid Reconstruction) by Inner Square
  14. De Paso by Juan Santacruz
  15. Bathroom Party by Zita Molnar
  16. Fiser by David Olmos
  17. BRS by H. Paul
  18. Midnight by Hector Merida, Lacey IQ
  19. Moksha (Conrad Van Orton remix) by Scam.
  20. Resolution by Censer
  21. Fuck this Shit (John Barsik Remix) by Lucas Klein


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Distrikt is the biggest daytime camp that throws legendary parties at Burning Man festival for the last 8-9 years. Hence its still unbelievable for me that I got to play for them this year. so... here it is the long waited mix - live from the playa!!! woot =)))

Track listing:

1.     Laguna by Pablo Awad

2.     Busty by RAPHA (ITALY), Gianfranco Troccoli

3.     The Dot by CWF

4.     I m There by Maxi Fox

5.     Time 2 Get Up by Trav & Volta

6.     Una Palabra (BeatQueche Remix) by Carlos Varela

7.     Confused by Vortex

8.     Intelligent Creatures by Stereo View

9.     Don’t call me baby (Motez Vicious21 Remix) by Madison Avenue

10.  Spin It (Wehbba Remix) by Flow & Zeo

11. Golden Gate by Danniel Selfmade

12. Corsair (Mirko Worz Remix) by Mario Piu, Francesco Bertelli

13. Jacky Cold by Felipe Galleguillos, Pereira Bros

14. Wait for you (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) by Quivver

15. Plastic Dreams (Hoxton Whores, HXTN Remix) by Jaydee

16. El Notas (Unique (CRO) Remix) by Cool Like Daddys

17. Sick Nasty by Ludvan Allancopprtp

18. Coppertone by Rob Bello

19. Play with Me by Platinum Doug

20. Strut Your Funky Stuff (Liam O'Connol Remix) by Cool Like Daddy

21. Techno Design by Cool Like Daddy

22. Arabesco by Andrea Mattioli, Daniele Mannoia

23. Shifter by Lars Wickinger

24. Underground Disco by Jeremy Bass

25. One Shot by (Daniel Spanjaard Remix) by by The Southern

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Burning Man 2015 - Mayan Warrior Lounge - Wednesday Sunset - Zita Molnar (recorded live mix)

Nothing like DJing at Burning Man Festival - what an experience. Imagine partying in a dust storm, warm wind, surrounded by mountains in a desert while a beautiful orange sun is shining down at you in the late afternoon. It was epic!

Track listing:

  1. Nomme by Andrejs Jumkins
  2. Love in me (Maceo Plex Remix) by Laura Jones
  3. Nightrider by Claudia Lovisa
  4. Who ‘Nose by DAF
  5. Valencia (Dousk Remix) by Darin Epsilon
  6. Warm Shower by Real & Cay
  7. Back Home (Daveed's Precarious Dub) by Kelson
  8. Nothing (Dub Emotion Remix) by Tim Ray
  9. Namron (Unemployed Remix) by Les, Zoran Zilijc
  10. Caravan by Horatio, Gruia
  11. Sick Nasty (Io Mulen Remix) by Ludvan Allan
  12. Your Love (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix) by Slow Crime
  13. Chic Le Moste by Snilloc
  14. Touch My Soul by (Oscar P NY 2 Dtroit Dub) by Stu G
  15. Freezing by Tripio X
  16. Red Train by Gales
  17. Turn Around by TKNO
  18. Think for yourself by Merlo, Loxodonta
  19. Closer by Leonardus
  20. Drunk Girls by Saccao, Thee Cool Cats
  21. Detour by Zita Molnar
  22. Under Substance (Dr.Masher Remix) by Caribe Ruso
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Zita Molnar Opening Set for Peter Bailey at The End Up (San Francisco)

That one time when I opened for Peter Bailey in San Francisco and due to airplane delays he was so late that I got to spin an extended 2.5 hours set. Wish all my dj gigs would be this long! Longer sets let the audience get into the grove better while  the DJ can properly tell a story via music. Here is my latest story ;)

Thanks for all your support!

Track listing:
1. Techno Hell (Original Mix) by Anthony F
2. Modulated (Original Mix) by Sedoy
3. Freaky Deaky (Original Mix) by Ruben Mandolini
4. Are You Ready (Original Mix) by Nino Bua
5. Panico en el Toilette (Original Mix) by Modulus
6. Space Project (Original Mix) by Smith & King
7. West Village (Original Mix) by Paride Saraceni
8. Overtime (Original Mix) by Maya Jane Coles
9. Who You Are (Dosem Remix) by Christian Smith
10. Fucking Minds (Original Mix) by Fran Navaez
11. My Reaction (Original Mix) by Jewel Kid
12. Catz Don't Know (Alex Raider Remix) by Lex Loofah, Stanny Abram
13. Acid Room 8 (Original Mix) by M. Fukuda, SERi (JP)
14. Sneaky by JAMES, Jasper
15. Your Intention (Original Mix) by Coqui Selection
16. Track 05 (Mattew Jay Mix) by MiniCoolBoyz
17. Acid Bubblebath (Wata Igarashi Remix) by SERi (JP)
18. Teaser 2 (Original Mix) by Blue Amazon
19. By My Side (Original Mix) by Lewis Delay
20. The Exchange (Original Mix) by Christian Smith
21. Drugs (Vincent Villani Remix) by DurtysoxXx
22. Belvedere by Zita Molnar
23. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo
24. Strut Your Funky Stuff (Liam O'Connol Remix) by Cool Like Daddy
25. Overcode (Marc Systematic Remix) by Alex Barreto
26. Pressure (D-Deck Remix) by D-Unity
27. G 001 (Original Mix) by Giampi Spinelli
28. Organized Crime (Original Mix) by Microvibez
29. Super Duper 2015 (Original Mix) by Hochanstaendig
30. Tanzfest (Original Mix) by Truemode
31. Click Time (Original Mix) by Sirius Brown
32. Room Side 69 (Original Mix) by Enzo Tucci
33. Cold (Original Mix) by DJ Noldar
34. Arteries (Original Mix) by Sergio Castilla
35. Final Approach (Original Mix) by Marco Bailey

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New mix! Summer is heating up and I m excited to bring some fresh tunes to the interwebs. I will have several fantastic underground gigs coming up mid July - cant wait to post my recorded sets. For now here is the track listing for this 25 minute mix:

1. Capone by Paolo Nicoli
2. Dance Everyone (AudiTech Remix) by Alexis Centurion
3. Oktagon by Daniele Donati
4. Underground by Jochen Pash, Josha
5. Hippie Enzymes by Mikalogic
6. Tender Trip by Juliet Sikora

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After a bit of a break here is the newest Sound and Machine podcast episode with my latest, favorite melodic tunes. Track listing:
1. Restart Burger by Tomin Tomovic, Ri Za
2. Chic Le Moste by Snilloc
3. Dreaming Life by Forest Weed
4. Vagabond (NIkkor sunset remix) by Greg Ignatovich, Alexandros Djkevingr
5. Wide Open by Luke Mandala
6. Ancient Codes Of Meditation (Furrr & Hazendonk Remix) by PrinsJan

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Chicago female house music legends DJ Heather and Colette were playing in San Francisco at Mighty night club where I had the pleasure to be their opening DJ. While most of my productions and performances these days are in the minimal and techno genres, there is nothing like dusting off some proper house tunes from my old crates, and get back to my Chicago musical roots. Like the mix? Pretty please favorite my artist page on Thanks for your support! =)
Track listing is the following:
1. Deep Vibes (Original Mix) by Johannes
2. No Beat To Hide (Original Mix) by Normen Hood
3. Blue Factors (Original Mix) by Najwars
4. Bad Cinderalla (Original Mix) by Lian July
5. Catch the Feeling (Original Mix) by Apollo 84, Hannah Jacques
6. Beautiful Stranger Feat. Sarignia Bonfa (Original Mix) by Marcus Meinhardt, Sarignia Bonfa
7. Love (Original Mix) by Ama Roc
8. Love Me Right Now (Original Mix) by Domy
9. Reckless (Original Mix) by Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto
10. Straight Ahead (Original Mix) by Mighty Real
11. Warm Shower (Original Mix) by Real & Cay
12. Sublime (Original Mix) by Soundscape
13. Dinamo (Marck D Remix) by Yan Oxygen
14. Give It To Them by Aziz
15. Love Kills! (Chaim Version) by Kiki, Chaim, Cari Golden
16. Amante (Original) by James Silk
17. Switch It Up (Original Mix) by Helfau reload
18. Morning Star (Deep Mix) by George F, N.A.R.D.O
19. Choco Swing (Original Mix) by Tom Budden
20. Essa Hei (Original Mix) by Chase Buch, Nick Olivetti
21. Keep On Getting Down (Original Mix) by Nima Gorji
22. Infant House (Original Mix) by Tiger Stripes
23. Your Move (Florian Meindl Dub Mix) by Martin Eyerer, Kosheen
24. Branch View (Original Mix) by Sebastian Gudding
25. Feelings (feat. Natalie Wood - (Miguel Migs Deep Salted Dub) by Russ Jay, Natalie Wood
26. Release Me (feat Lotti) by FOAMO

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Zita Molnar set for MNML:FUN with Craig Kuna at Underground SF, San Francisco , April 2015

MNML:FUN is a monthly event showcasing San Francisco techno and minimal DJs , producers, and record labels.

Us resident DJs rotate, and this time I got to play the closing set. This mix is not going to be a full hour because the club had to shot down at 2am. No need to say, it was still super fun. 

The track listing is the following:

1.  Outrageous by Danny Dulgheru

2. Gork by Schubert

3. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo

4.  Que Paso by Modulus

5. Override (Ricardo Garduno Remix) by JAK

6.  Delorean by Third Son

7.  Organic Noise by Julio Roger

8.  Move Closer by Zita Molnar

9.  TNPLB by Patrick LeVar

10. Submerge by Robbie Pope

11. El Ritmo  by Martin Villeneuve

12.  Dropt the Box by Sebastian Manuel, TKNO

13. Troublemaker (Dhyan Droik Remix) by Giulio Lnt

14. Twice by Giulio Lnt


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New mix!  - track listing will get posted later.



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