Sound and Machine

Ambient and Chill Deep House. Track listing soon to come. Until then,  to listen to this track close your eyes, imagine a beautiful orange colored sun with an amazing vanilla sky - sunset or sunrise - your choice. ;) Much love.

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Track listing:
1. Blaa Blaa Bla by Minitronik
2. Nothing Nowhere (The Junkies Remix) by Saso Recyd
3. T4 by Markantonio, Roberto Capuano
4. Maskuetta (Dan Price Remix) by J-Hecht
5. The Sun by Khrononaut's
6. Free Your Mind byBeckers
7. Sign 'O' the Times (Amo & Navas Re-Work) by Dino Lenny, Amnesia

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 Track listing:
1. Live Free by Playground
2. Simple Cube by Cactus Twisters
3. Overdrive by Eric D
4. Little Helper 62-1 by Pablo Denegri, Juan Zolbaran
5. Slob (Nick Curly remix) by Zoo Brazil
6. Bassception by Fat Acid, Ozien

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