Sound and Machine

One hour live mix available to download from my sound cloud page played at a festival this summer. Search for Zita Molnar, or Heart Phoenix. Meanwhile, here is the usual quick 25 minute mix that has five amazing tracks of the moment.

1. Reborn (Anthony Yarranton Remix) by Nico Parisi, Manu Riga
2. Moonling (Andrew K Remix) by Miraculum
3. Deep Throat by Amper Clap
4. Bodylost by Gaiser
5. Turn the music to your head (Zoltan Kontes 4Hours Mix) by Uppercut

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New techno mix! Track listing:

1. Magic Ritual by Stefano Rocchi
2. One Round by Skymate, Tadeo Quinto
3. Radar (Ant Brooks Remix) by Alberto Ruiz
4. Bombing Rights (Spark Taberner remix) by Greg Grajek
5. Nature Ghost by Kopfnikker
6. Train Tool by Kopfnikker

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