Sound and Machine

Track listing:

  1. Noosphere (Original Mix) by Luze
  2. Scalextric (Andres Campo Remix) by Pig&Dan, Alberto Ruiz
  3. Kepler (Original Mix) by Ben Shiden
  4. Black River (Original Mix) by Ben Shiden
  5. Love in the End (Original Mix) by Re:Axis
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An epic night with an epic crew and a fantastic headliner from Berlin, Germany - named Developer, who is a Los Angeles born, frequent Berghain performer, label boss, and distributor for over 20 years on the world techno scene. San Francisco's Airpusher Collective is a Burning Man camp with a great mission.  It was amazing to be part of such a great night. Track listing was the following:
1. Transparent Curtains (Original Mix) by Florin Kah
2. Stardust (Original Mix) by Lerio Corrado
3. Been Too Long (Original Mix) by Absntmnded
4. New Horizons (Original Mix) by Raffaele Rizzi
5. Flow (Original Mix) by Alex Delgado
6. Preach Free (Original Mix) by Mario Giordano
7. Master Of Clock (Original mix) by Sam, Billy Roger
8. Puddle (Original Mix) by Akulin
9. Say It Again (Original Mix) by Loco & Jam
10. Critical Mass (Original mix) by Sin Sin
11. Hype (Original mix) by Basara-ZA
12. Microcosm (Original Mix) by Damon
13. Love in the End (Original Mix) by Re:Axis
14. Geoid (Original Mix) by AndReew
15. Travel Time (Original Mix) by Stephan Krus
16. Kepler (Original Mix) by Ben Shiden
17. Passage in the Mine (Original Mix) by Raphael Asman
18. I Got Soul (Alexic Rod Remix) by SICHI
19. Lottery Ticket (Original Mix) by Kostas Maskalides, Durtysoxxx
20. Robots 1019 (Original Mix) by DJ Dextro

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Sound & Machine 07.03.16

Track listing:

  1. Stardust (Original Mix) by Lerio Corrado
  2. Intergalactic Funk Force (Original Mix) by Ian Davies
  3. Preach Free (Original Mix) by Mario Giordano
  4. Hi Jay (Original Mix) by Joe Kendut
  5. Vip (Gesus Lpz Remix) by Queco
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