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This mix was recorded when I played for the DISTRIKT Retrospekt party October 2015, in San Francisco.
Distrikt is an artist collective, who also happens to do the biggest, sickest, awesomest day time parties at Burning Man festival. Its always epic sharing decks with this crew. 

Track listing for this mix:

Distrikt Retrospekt – 2015:
1. Dusk by Olivier Giacomotto
2. Spacenotes (Joseph Gaex Remix) by Fran S.
3. The Tech School (Djeep Rhythms Remix) by Dani Barrera
4. Ghosts by DJ PP, Jack Mood
5. Corsair (Mirko Worz Remix) by Mario Piu, Francesco Bertelli
6. Resonances by Lluis Ribalta
7. Wait for you by (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
8. Mothman (Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Remix) by The YellowHeads
9. El Notas (Unique (CRO) Remix) by Sosa Ibiza
10. Acid Bubblebath (Wata Igarashi Remix) by SERi (JP)
11. Coppertone by Rob Bello
12. Sick Nasty (Io Mulen Remix) by Ludvan Allan
13. Caravan by Horatio, Gruia
14. Blindsided (Stefan Hellstrom Remix) by Kriece
15. 25 Dreams by Zita Molnar
16. U-Bahn by PALMFooD
17. Feel Then Light (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) by Danny Lloyd

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Track listing: (This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio 92.5 and 99.9FM radio, Chicago )

Track listing:
1. Busted by Mighty David
2. Thistle by Michael Mclardy
3. New Reality by Roberto De Haro
4. Let’s go by Audiomatiques
5. Human Experience by Sphenoid
6. Fakt by Dhyan Droik, DurtysoxXx

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