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Zita Molnar for Distrikt at Public Works [12.3.2016] - Holidaze 2016

When Distrikt throws a party - its an automatic YES PLEASE!
Had a blast spinning their last city event at Public Works, San Francisco. Distrikt is one of Burning Man's favorite day party crews. Their parties are legendary and epic. Track listing for this set:
1. F14 (Martin Giraldez Remix) by Alan Hash
2. I Wanna Dance (Original Mix) by Eugeneos
3. Feel (Original Mix) by Chay, Dead Space
4. Bumps (Original Mix) by Codes
5. Kind Of Blue (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov
6. Kings & Queens (Original Mix) by Ru De La Vega
7. Differenzial (Original mix) by Alain Jimenez
8. Perfect Stranger (Mikalogic Remix) by Jelly For The Babies
9. Say It (Original Mix) by B2K(RF)
10. House Music Is... (Original Mix) by Brett Gould
11. Trouble (Matt Sassari Remix) by Mario Piu, Dario Di Mauro
12. Overhead (Original Mix) by Carkeys
13. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
14. No me gusta (Original) by Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez
15. La Plata (Original Mix) by Beckers, D-Nox
16. The Plains (Original Mix) by Solid Slap
17. Mega (Original Mix) by Sam Paganini
18. Atlas (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov
19. Get Together (Heinrich & Heine Remix) by Matic
20. Not Gonna Leave You (Danza Macabra Remix) by Hatikvah
21. U Got My Body (Return of the Jaded Remix) by Nora En Pure

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Zita Molnar at New Bohemia [San Francisco] - NYE 2017

Here is my recorded NYE mix from the New Bohemia event, held at the Mint in San Francisco. Good vibes, great crew, tons of fantastic performances, interactive art - this event really had it all. I had the opportunity to be the opening DJ in the main room, getting the task of warming up the room and setting the tone right. Enjoy the next 2 hours. Track listing:

1. Floating People (Original Mix) by Cesar Del Rio, Tatsu
2. Critical Reflection (Original Mix) by Disfunktional DJs
3. All Night (Original Mix) by AJ Mora, Dyla, Tony Smooth
4. Come Back (Original Mix) by The Organism
5. Fourtunes (Original Mix) by Jey Kurmis
6. Serious Matter (Bosom Mix) by American DJ
7. All I Need (Original Mix) by 86beat
8. I'm a Rebel (Luv Machines Remix) by Campaner
9. Boulevard (Original Mix) by Wiki, Oneplus
10. Drop N' Roll It (Original Mix) by Low Disco
11. She Works (Original Mix) by Jimmy Le Mac
12. Acid Ice Cream (Acid Drums Mix) by Jeremy Bass
13. Fucking Minds (Original Mix) by Fran Navaez
14. Home (Dirty Culture Remix) by Guri, Eider, Wiki, Oneplus
15. Never Again (Original Mix) by Eliogold
16. Yeah Yeah (Original Mix) by Brown Sneaker
17. Dolos (Original Mix) by Bosstune, Sebastian Gnewkow
18. Work 4 It (Original Mix) by M. Rodriguez
19. Shards (Remotion Remix) by Monotronik
20. I Am Around (Original Mix) by Dance Bridge
21. Steadily Upward (Original Mix) by Riffle Shuffle
22. Insane Crowd (Original Mix) by Craig Boyd
23. Flame (Original Mix) by Kisch, Leela D
24. Contemporary (Way Back Remix) by Aerotronic, Way Back
25. Fade Away (Kovary Remix) by Dayne S

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