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Techno!!!!! Back to basics. Track listing:

1. Define by Cro Magnon
2. House Your Body by Pierre Deutschmann
3. Track 05 (Mattew Jay Mix) by MiniCoolBoyz
4. Polyester by Sam Paganini
5. Let The Party Start (Da Fresh Remix) by Rosie Romero, JunkDNA, Ben Malone

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Here is world music / international flair inspired deeo house mix. Chill time. Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. Like a Fool by Afrobeat
2. Get the Deep (Instrumental Mix) by Andrew Noize
3. Someone Else's Ground by Domscott, Elle Marchelle
4. Mi Mujer by Nicolas Jaar
5. Watch Out by Bufi, La Royale
6. ID (Luis Junior Remix) by Monaque

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One hour live mix available to download from my sound cloud page played at a festival this summer. Search for Zita Molnar, or Heart Phoenix. Meanwhile, here is the usual quick 25 minute mix that has five amazing tracks of the moment.

1. Reborn (Anthony Yarranton Remix) by Nico Parisi, Manu Riga
2. Moonling (Andrew K Remix) by Miraculum
3. Deep Throat by Amper Clap
4. Bodylost by Gaiser
5. Turn the music to your head (Zoltan Kontes 4Hours Mix) by Uppercut

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New techno mix! Track listing:

1. Magic Ritual by Stefano Rocchi
2. One Round by Skymate, Tadeo Quinto
3. Radar (Ant Brooks Remix) by Alberto Ruiz
4. Bombing Rights (Spark Taberner remix) by Greg Grajek
5. Nature Ghost by Kopfnikker
6. Train Tool by Kopfnikker

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So inspired - went to Zurich, Hungary, then Burning Man - wow! What an amazing summer =)

Track listing for the latest mix! And yes - threw in some vocals for a change..

1. Revelation (Yuriy From Russia Remix) by Audio Noir

2 I Wish You Were Here Feat. Nkemdi (Lonya & Roi Okev Remix) by John Creamer & Stephane K, Nkemdi

3. Collision by Hollen

4. Right Things (Paco Maroto Remix) by Siwell

5. Somebody's Face (Jelly for the Babies Remix) by Paul Martinez, Fiddler

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After a long break here a new bangning techno mix. Track listing: 

1.  Organized Crime by Microvibez

2. Dop The Door by Stiv Hey, Stephan Esse

3. Deep Alpha by Akashic

4.  Fidel by Project 24

5.  Blizzard by Digital Mess

6.  The Offer Still Stands by Pierre J, Petter B

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Deep house to techno. On another note, will be the opening DJ for the Martinez Brothers at Vessel Night club in San Francisco on 6.27.13. Hope you can make it out! Free entry by RSVP'ing on Vessel's website. Cheers!

1. Illusion by Vandermeer, Quintin Christian, MoodWarp
2. Get Down (Alex Arnout Remix) by Tiago Schneider, Touchtalk
3. Across the Universe by Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca
4. Chordy Track by Macromism
5. Reaction Control by Eze Ramirez

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Track listing for this mix:

1.  Incubation by Matt Keyl
2.  Do DNA by Dash
3.  Tecnocidia by Minimal Collective
4.  Moob (Quivvers Deep Remix) by James Harcourt
5.  Show me Love by Alec Bruno

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Track listing coming soon!

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Back with some great techno tracks that I recently played out in San Francisco at a club name Monroe. Enjoy!
1. Rolling (Audiomatiques Rmx) by Raul Mezcolanza, Marc Maya
2. Cream (Ambivalent Remix) by Harvard Bass
3. Blow! by Jovan Le Saunier
4. Pump by DJ Fronter, David Hat
5. Dirty by MiniCoolBoyz

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