Sound and Machine

 A melodic phychedelic techno presenation. All we need is a good VJ for visuals. Here we go!

1. Slow (Key900 Remix) by Meyens, Cheise
2. White Collar by Thomas T.
3. Moob (Quivvers Moob Deep Remix) by James Harcourt
4. Denial (Lonya Remix) by Sound Process, Guille Quero
5. Stop Bath by Marc B
6. Mr. Drive by Hot Since 82

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New deep dirty techno. Track listing:

1. Take A Play by Corporation Mushrooms, Graeme Stew
2. Big Up by Marcos In Dub
3. Array by Owen Sand
4. Right Time by TOWNSTON & DELGADO
5. Generation by Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein

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All techno. Track listing is the following:

1. Exclusively (Federico Scavo Remix) by Ax7is, Emilia Tarland
2. Through The Core by Gilbert Martini
3. Get Yaa! by Jay Lumen
4. I Love Techno by Anna
5. Where Do I Belong by Atmos

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