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Tiefschwarz (Germany) is one of the rare, long standing DJ duos (they might be a trio by now) who has been able to maintain an underground status while doing remixes for such big names as Depeche Mode, Madonna, etc 

It was a fantastic night with a great vibe. Here is the track listing for my recorded set:

1. Street Beat by Nadja Lind, Vandermeer, Quintin Christian

2. Sure Thing (Andrey Loud Remix) by Per QX, Elias Bravo

3.  Escape by Maaik

4. Sencha by Mikishiku

5. Dust by Moritz Guhling

6.  Once in a Blue Moon by Guy J

7.  Trippin by Garry Trace

8.  Summer Shine by Stan Castillo

9.  Sideways by Jens Bond, Jacob Phono

10.  Is this it by Rills, Sammy

11.   Follow Me Blind (Kakkeplay Remix) by Honka

12.  Up Her Skirt (Lefty D Remix) by Lastraw

13.  Crack It Up (Dub Version (Exclusive) by Jochen Pash

14.  Blues in Thy Name by Pagano

15.  Lost in Process Feat. Thomas Gandey (Wehbba Remix) by Affkt, Thomas Gandey


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Got the chance to play at one of the best underground parties ever located couple hours outside of San Francisco. The headliner was Avanti - a producer / DJ duo from Mexico City, Mexico. Good vibes, and good times. 

Track listing: 

1. Street Beat (Original Mix) by Nadja Lind, Vandermeer, Quintin Christian

2. Not Reality (Big Al Remix) by Ale Kis

3. Lost Angeles (Original Mix) by Ricky Ryan, Kosmas

4. Stigma (Framewerk Dub) by D33P

5. Spider Drops (Original Mix)  by AC

6. 800 Lesbians (Original) by Snilloc

7. Aura (Dahu Remix) by Tony Casanova, Jonas Saalbach

8. Trippin (Original Mix) by Garry Trace

9. Rainbows (Original Mix) by Chappano

10. Escape Your Notice (Original Mix) by Thomas Neumann

11. Kalypso (Original Mix) by Hollen

12. We All Shine On (Cid Inc Remix) by Simon Shackleton

13. Up (Original Mix) by VVIBE

14. Blues In Thy Name (Original Mix) by Pagano

15. Connections (Marcus Meinhardt Mix) by Uone

16. Amante (Original) by James Silk

17. Likwid (Original Mix) by Pippi Ciez

18. Move Closer (Original Mix) by Zita Molnar

19. Mystery (Original Mix) by S.K.A.M.

20. Blackplant (Original Mix) by Kevin Over

21. This Is For You (Original Mix) by Marco Cardoza

22. Secrets (Original Mix) by Nik Allen

23. On The Inside (Original Mix) by Cristoph

24. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo

25. Recoil (Dousk Remix) by GMJ

26. So Now 1975 (Original Mix) by Tripmann

27. Let's Go (Original Mix) by La Source

28. Train (FakeOb Remix) by Touch The Sound

29. Magic (Supacooks Remix) by Brad Rock

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