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New podcast aired on Dance Factory Radio Chicago is now available to download. One can also find this mix on iTunes, SoundCloud, and MixCloud.
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Track listing:
1. Requiem (Original Mix) by Arii, Hervert Asia
2. A New Beauty (Original Mix) by Re:Axis
3. Katedra (Original Mix) by Verdi Interrato
4. Excruciating Days (Original Mix) by Matthew Bomb
5. Apollo (Original Mix) by Protyv

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New mix! It also aired on Dance Factory Radio, Chicago, 92.5FM 

Track listing:

  1. Circular (Original Mix) by Oscar Ferocë
  2. Evoke (Original Mix) by Alex Delgado
  3. Slow Burn (The Day After Mix) by RRKS
  4. Nowhere (Original Mix) by Alex
  5. Torment (Original Mix) by Elek-Fun
  6. Dark Circles (Re-Edit) by Michael Kruck
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