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Happy holidays! Here is a deep house mix. Track listing:

1.  Everyone by Fabrizio La Marca

2.  Cityscape (dub) by Sidechaine

3.  Holograms Faded by Julian Dep

4. Torino Milano (Deraglio Mix) by Zeta Project

5.  Okay by Shiba San / Dirty bird

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Here comes a full techno set from playing on a great event in Oakland, Ca thanks to the Airpusher Burning Man crew.   This 1000+ attendee party was at the Nimby warehouse on April 12, 2014. Here is my live recorded set. The track list was the following:
1. Techno Design by Qwez
2. Deep Alpha by Akashic
3. Haterade by J Naj
4. Fraaz by Steve Judge
5. Balls (Roy's 2013 Mix) by Neuroxyde, Roy RosenfelD
6. Collision by Hollen
7. Train Tool by Kopfnikker
8. The Monster by Monococ
9. Feel the Panic DJ Dan, Oscar L
10. The Dream by Carlo Whale
11. Red Shuffle by Wehbba
12. Bodylost by Gaiser
13. Turo by XaviDee, Joseph Kowelds
14. Hard Times by Subgate, Tibiza

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Performing an opening DJ set for an event that welcomes one of the biggest DJs in this world, such a Hernan Cattaneo, and has multiple openers on top of it - was not easy. In this recording, one can hear me keep the BPM at a steady 122 while playing a smooth edgy deep house set with a tech influence. It was such an honor to be part of this event (thank you SET!) and as always, Hernan rocked the crowed so good .. no one was ready to go home at 4am!


Track listing:

1.  Story by D.Matveev

2.  Eloquenza by Gabriel D'Or, Bordoy

3. Try To Get Enough (Heston remix) by 2ND SEQUEL

4. XChange by SASSE

5. Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors by Dave Pad

6. Integration by Markus Homm

7.  Born by SALMON, Andre

8. Elirion by Cactus Twisters

9. La Fabrica (Warehouse Mix) by Nick Warren


11. More or Less by Marco Bocatto

12. Nihil (Dos remix) by SYSTEM OF SURVIVAL

13. The Dream by Carlo Whale

14. Minus by Ruede Hagelstein

15. Explorer by Play Patrik

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