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Sound and Machine

Welcome to Sound and Machine, a podcast dedicated to broaden listeners musical horizons, and to nurture and promote underground music genres such as techno, tech house, minimal, chill tech, etc. Your podcast host is Zita Molnar, from Zettabyte [Records] based in San Francisco.

May 9, 2016

Opening for Carlo Lio was a great experience. I had to think and research well for my set, him being a versatile international talent whose techno style varies, yet its always on point. Thoughts: how do I want to start steering the "ship"? What music should I put in my digi crate? I m usually armed with about 80...

May 1, 2016

Live recorded mix from Las Vegas. Played at a party out there called: Techno Taco Tuesday - great event, proper music, every tuesday. Liked the vibe - check it out next time you are in Las Vegas.
Track listing:
1. Bad Circuit (Original Mix) by Pablo Muzi3k
2. Fly My Car (Original Mix) by Dave Wincent
3. Vip (Gesus Lpz...