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Recorded a mix during lock down to free my thoughts after a day of intensity. Strange times, living during a worldwide pandemic. We are so lucky to have internet and ways to connect with each other despite being far and isolated from each other. Did you know that in 1918 the human population went through something similar? It was called the Spanish flu. Feeling blessed to live in current times vs back then, as we have better medical knowledge and way cooler technology.
Enjoy the chill tunes and cant wait to see you in person when the stay home bans are over! I miss the festivals, the night clubs, and most of all you, my community. Cant wait to give hugs to friends and dance together again!!! <3 xoxo
Track listing:

  1. Lady Green (Original Mix) by Darklord Gob
  2. Ventral Tegmental (Original Mix) by Chris Komus
  3. To Be the Air (Globular's Viscous Ether Remix) by Desert Dwellers
  4. Refraction Point (MantisMash Remix) by SIXIS
  5. Mantis Sized Minds (Original Mix) by Master Minded, MantisMash
  6. Multiplex (Original Mix) by 5am
  7. One Instance (Original Mix) by Bogtrotter
  8. Vernation by 5am
  9. Mirage (Original Mix) by Pathwey, Saltus
  10. Nocturnivore by AleJo, Vusive
  11. Froth Dimension (Original Mix) by sub.conscious
  12. G-yatr feat. DTO (Original Mix) by Orenda, DTO
  13. Mystic Descent (Original Mix) by Orenda, Equanimous
  14. High Voltage Storms (kLL sMTH Remix) by Ill-Esha
  15. Ubuntu (Original Mix) by Malakai
  16. The Seventh Fold (Original Mix) by Chris Komus
  17. Saigon Haze (Original Mix) by MantisMash
  18. Lake Vostok (Original Mix) by Chris Komus
  19. Outlaw (Original Mix) by Skope, Seppa
  20. This One Sunrise (Govinda Remix) by Govinda, Luke Mandala
  21. Wormhole (5AM Remix) by St4rfox
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Had a blast playing a Friday DJ set at Burning Man 2019 at Distrikt. The Distrikt crew's production at the burn always blows my mind: shade structure, open bar, top notch music by local and international artists, good vibes, water guns, misting stations, friendly people, amazing sound system - oy! The list just goes on. Shout out to Camp Enchante, the Hungaroid crew, and the lovely friends from the many corners of the world who said hello during my set. Burning Man is always like a big "framily" reunion - and 2019 was no exception.
Track listing:
1. Intelligent Creatures (Original Mix) by Stereo View
2. Audio Slave (Original Mix) by James Dexter
3. Haarlem (Original Mix) by George Privatti, Daniel Spanjaard
4. Avatar (Optician Remix) by Torteraz
5. Hierbas (Original Mix) by Gabe
6. Force (Original Mix) by ALF4D
7. Decadence (Original Mix) by Ivan Starzev
8. Barefoot (Original Mix) by MSTE
9. Deep Slide (Mizt3r Remix) by Torteraz
10. Working Fine (Club Mix) by John Bolton
11. Consider (Original Mix) by Dirty Data
12. Gone but Not Forgotten (Original Mix) by Andy Ho
13. Feels So Good (Original Mix) by Zita Molnar
14. Sysexun (Original Mix) by Hansgod
15. ML 013 (Original Mix) by 4QM
16. 5th Groove (Original Mix) by A.L.C.A.
17. Dynamic Sound (Original Mix) by Jhon Timbala

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Had a fantastic time playing for Camp Strangelove at Burning Man this year. My set was at sundown on a beautiful warm thursday.

Track listing:
1. Matine (Original Mix) by Daniel Meister
2. Malaga (Original Mix) by Sven Tasnadi
3. Riva (Original Mix) by Farerskyi
4. Step Outside (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) by Metodi Hristov
5. I Got (Original Mix) by Parkx
6. Dark Dream (Original Mix) by Josh Kalker
7. Otamamen Bahane (Re Edit) by Levent Er
8. Its a Fine Day Mann (Meer Remix)
9. Essential (Original Mix) by Matias Carafa
10. Enchantment (Hraach Remix) by Max & Nim
11. Stick To The Program (Original mix) by Weska
12. 5th Groove (Original Mix) by A.L.C.A.
13. Entranced (Original Mix) by Jay Tripwire, Joeski
14. The Truth (Original Mix) by Cyrius
15. Cry (Remastered) by Babayaga, Josh Blackwell
16. H005 (Original Mix) by Orteez
17. Equal Souls (Original Mix) by Talking Machines
18. Metamorphosis (Original Mix) by Modeplex, Nairo
19. Come With Me (Original Mix) by Yzak Landin
20. Dynamic Sound (Original Mix) by Jhon Timbala
21. Tied Up (Original Mix) by Milos Pesovic

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Track listing:
1. Street Lights (Original Mix) by Leonardo Kirling
2. Breath Deep (Ramon Tapia Remix) by Toni Rios
3. Solar Apocalypse (Medizan Mix) by YSSY
4. Ripple (Original Mix) by Sean Collier
5. Strip Trip (Original Mix) by David Londono
5. BRS (Original Mix) by H. Paul

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Thank you Dustfish for the amazing opportunity and thank you Vau de Vire Society artists for the beautiful fire performances. This DJ set was an unforgettable experience during Burning Man 2019 - I had such a good time with you! p.s. live performances can come with hiccups - this was certainly one with several, but I m still very proud of this recording. ;)
Track listing:
1. Veilance (Original Mix) by Noah B, Just Connor
2. Waiting (Original Mix) by PACIFIX
3. Farther (Original_Mix) by Sugarpill
4. Nine Of Ten (Spoken Bird Remix) by Psy Fi
5. Wormhole (5AM Remix) by St4rfox
6. Sahra (Original Mix) by Tipper
7. Wifey (Original Mix) by Kursa
8. Hidden Mission (Govinda Remix) by Living Light
9. Meteor (Original Mix) by Leotrix
10. Hush (Original Mix) by Kusp
11. Mensa (Original Mix) by Giant Ibis
12. The Pharoah Step (Original Mix) by PhLo
13. You're The Same (Original Mix) by M!ngo, Guilt Chip
14. Oceans (Original Mix) by Psy Fi
15. Pursuit (Original Mix) by Brick Top
16. Shamizen (Original Mix) by Boa
17. Smokey Memories (Original Mix) by Govinda
18. Inside Your World (Original Mix) by Govinda
19. Missed Call (Original Mix) by Pinknokia, M!ngo
20. Escape (Original Mix) by Detox Unit
21. Green Steal Spork (Original Mix) by Kursa
22. Dreamcatcher (Original Mix) by Summer Son, HOLIDEUS
23. Infinity Edge (Original Mix) by Noah B, Just Connor
24. This One Sunrise (Govinda Remix) by Govinda, Luke Mandala
25. Expand (Original Mix) by Detox Unit
26. Intensity (Original Mix) by DJVEDO
27. Antipode Space (Original Mix) by Narkatta
28. Nautical Robotics (Original Mix) by Secret Recipe
29. Smokey Skies (Original Mix) by Stereo Serum
30. Locust (Original Mix) by Levrige
31. ITAGO (Original Mix) by Kursa

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  1. La Cobacha (Original Mix) by German T.P
  2. Darkest Hours (Original Mix) by Mattzid
  3. Girls On Beat (Original Mix) by DJ Fysh
  4. Monday Morning (Original Mix) by C & M.K
  5. Mental Loop (Original Mix) by Kaya DJ
  6. The Silver Lining (Original Mix) by Bohner
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Hey everyone, stoked to upload new music. Been doing some deep thinking about purpose as an artist, direction, how one fits or unfits a mold, and how exciting it is to sometimes color outside of the lines in a coloring book. I quickly realized perhaps I am a bit overthinking it all and maybe I should just stop and make a mix, call it the day ;D I express myself best via music, and since I am not just one monoton expression I cannot just showcase one type of sound anymore. Here is a softer / richer deeper melodic side of me that tends to come out during bright sunrises and warm orange sunsets. Enjoy the mix! xoxo

1. Hall of Fame (Original Mix) by Stefano Zampone
2. Quixotic (Original Mix) by Budakid, Westseven
3. Entranced (Original Mix) by Jay Tripwire, Joeski
4. Exinos (Original Mix) by Transmuters
5. Think it Over (Original Mix) by Toguè



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The first mix of the year is here. Track listing:

  1. Moving Dreams (Original Mix) by Zita Molnar
  2. YYYY (Original Mix) by Andres Power, Outcode
  3. Red Source (Original Mix) by Deas
  4. How Does It Feel (Extended Mix) by Roger That (UK)
  5. Wait for the Moment (Original Mix) by Dpech Music


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First mix of 2019! Track listing:
1. Pulsing (KI Remix) by Andre et Michele
2. Secrets (Original Mix) by DJ Wady, Ivan Pica
3. Reborn (Original Mix) by Gokhan Guney
4. The Silver Lining (Original Mix) by Bohner
5. Words (Original Mix) by Newball
6. Quantum (Original Mix) by Zetacode



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The new Sound and Machine Podcast episode is here! Wishing all my listeners a very happy holiday season!
Track listing:

1. Acid FM (Original Mix) by Alexkid
2. Space Date (Original Mix) by Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, Layton Giordani
3. The Moon and The Sun (Original Mix) by Deborah De Luca
4. Shoegazing II (Original Mix) by Fabrizio Lapiana
5. Drumatik (Original Mix) by Suntetic, Sasha Makin
6. As The Rain Falls feat. Kerry Leva (Original Mix) by Ad Brown, Kerry Leva, Matt Lange

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1. Dulce (Anton X Melodic Remix) by Yanix
2. Skydiving by L.C.D
3. Senin 1 by BRYZ
4. C’s Theme by Sanna Hartfield, Sean Roman
5. High Enough by Phil Rizzo, No Sl33p

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Track listing:

  1. Labelcode by Robert Natus
  2. Jardin de Naranjas (Emilio B Remix) by Aguacate, Bruno May
  3. Go (Bart Skils Remix) by Moby
  4. Optic by Many Reasons
  5. Rhodes Rodeo by Sleek
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Better later than never. Catching up with mix postings. Here is one from a late night outdoor renegade thrown by and for those who stayed in San Francisco during Xmas of 2017. Nothing like a proper rager with your framily of 200 in the San Francisco hills.
1. G.R.X (Nightmare) by Manu Soto
2. . Are You From Earth? (Original) by Andy Martin
3. Nexus (Original Mix) by D. Diggler
4. Murky (Original Mix) by Hernan Tapia
5. Late Night (Original Mix) by Groovebox
6. Dream World (Original Mix) by Jor-el
7. Kinetic Energy (Original Mix) by Quantus
8. Sadness and Joy (Original Mix) by Roni Tech
9. Feel It Everywhere (Jaceo Sunrise Dub) by Grum
10. Eleph (Original Mix) by Joseph Roa
11. Humble (Feat. Little Mouse) (Klartraum Remix) by Paul Moore (GER)
12. Buenos Aires (Original Mix) by Mozaiek
13. Outpost (Original Mix) by Spektre

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This mix was done March 2017 for a local San Francisco podcast on techno. Never posted it for whatever reason, but as I am in the midst of dusting off hard drives, boy was I glad to find it. Enjoy!
Track listing:
1. Beyond Thought (Original Mix) by Austen/Scott
2. Sleep Tight (Original Mix) by Enoc V
3. Bayt (Original Mix) by Bouler
4. Number of voices (Original Mix) by Nonyas
5. Sandra (Philip Smash Remix) by Cold Colin 
6. Tatum (Original Mix) by Lander B, Oscar Escapa
7. Kamin (Original Mix) by Quentin Dourthe
8. Stick To The Program (Original Mix) by Weska
9. Give Me That Beat (Original Mix) by Alex Metro
10. Fictions (Original Mix) by Dave Wincent
11. Aversion Therapy (Original Mix) by DILT
12. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo
13. Bathroom Party (Original Mix) by Zita Molnar
14. Addict (Original Mix) by Simone Mogavero
15. Cambodia (Thomas P Heckman's Trope Remix) by Art Of Trance
16. Acid Room 8 (Original Mix) by M. Fukuda, SERi (JP)

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Track listing:

  1. No Escape (Original Mix) by Natural_Flow
  2. Supreme (Original Mix) by Victor Vergara, Sebastian Cipa
  3. Another Dimension (Original Mix) by Anek
  4. Makele (Natural Keys Remix) by Brad Hill
  5. Sweet Dreams (Break the Cage Mix) by Andrea Matteu
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Here is my latest mix everyone. Also super excited to share that my "Zettabyte Records" sister label "Get Vibes" is launching tomorrow. The new label is designed to complement and to contrast Zettabyte, with colorful lush deep vibrant sounds, and chill vibes. Are you a deep house / deep tech / chill bass / chill trap music producer ? Send me your demo. Both labels always make it a priority to give a voice to new artists and local talent.

Track listing for this episode:
1. A King Coded (Tis Remix) by Benno Block
2. Phases (Toto Chiavetta Colour Zero) by Howling
3. Tap (Nose Panik Remix) by Alberto Ruiz, Rojan
4. Dream Catcher (Patryk Molinari Remix) by Valdovinos
5. Roomers (Original Mix) by Derek Marin, Juliet Fox


As always, thanks for your continous support!


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MNML:FUN turned 3 years old and I am so proud of our San Francisco based techno party to keep the beat going as long as we have. Shout out to my business partners and DJ mates aka my "mnml fam", Peter Clarke and Lt. Daaan (Dan Turner), to the club "Underground SF" for taking a chance on us and believing in us, and to *you*, the awesome people on the dance floor for supporting us all these years. 

If you are in the California Bay Area, make sure to come out to our event, which is at Underground SF, every 4th Saturday of the month. Enjoy the mix! xoxo zita
Track listing:
1. Nexus 6 (Original Mix) by Musik Dealer
2. Burke (Original Mix) by Andre Luki
3. Jazzy Organ (Davide Di Blasi Remix) by Regenschirm
4. Bmf (Original Mix) by Jor-el
5. PCNL (Original Mix) by Matej Rusmir
6. Eter (Original Mix) by Patrick Siech
7. Dream World (Original Mix) by Jor-el
8. Texto 5 (Original Mix) by Didac (ES)
9. Interference (Wuillermo Tuff, JunkieKids Remix) by Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N.
10. CRP02 (Original Mix) by Giorgio Brolese

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New episode is up! Track listing:
1. Step Outside (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) by Metodi Hristov
2. Look Inside (Original Mix) by Robert Powlson, Daniel Englisch
3. Aimlessly (Original Mix) by Bohner
4. Aircraft (Original Mix) by Myman
5. Moody Day (Original Mix) by Sinisa Tamamovic

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Thank you everyone for being patient while I took a bit time off.  I have experienced great losses in this last 1 year and needed some time to get my wings back. Here is a brand new mix! Track listing:

Track listing:
1. Floating Home (Original Mix) by Aquarian Motion
2. Asimo (Original Mix) by Daniel Trim
3. Wild East (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov
4. Old School (Original Mix) by Kleinsky
5. Echoes (Original Mix) by ivankstek
6. Groove Only (Original Mix) by Tom Sawyer


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Track listing:
1. Analog Rain (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov, Shosho
2. Roll With Me (Original Mix) by Tim Vitek
3. Homequest (Extended Mix) by Humantronic
4. Tomahawk (dub) by Dave Angel
5. Nordlicht (Original Mix) by Rotwang
6. Ruhe (Original Mix) by Siles

Direct download: SM112617.mp3
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Track listing:
1. I believe it (Original Mix) by Nacim Ladj
2. Heron (Original Mix) by Shinsuke Tsuchiuchi
3. Various Thoughts (Original Mix) by JUDE!
4. Deserve (Original Mix) by Dataline
5. Expect Difficulties (Original Mix) by Teacoma

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Had a blast being part of the Icarus art car fundraiser!
Here is my set. Track listing:
1. Sea Breeze (Original Mix) by Modul P
2. Nebulized (Original Mix) by Luis Ake
3. Nasty Minutes (Emilio Romo Remix) by Dario Troisi
4. Smooth as Silk (Tobi Kramer Remix) by Chris Hartwig
5. Outcast (Original Mix) by Outcast (Original Mix)
6. Unterberg White (Original Mix) by Johnny Deep
7. Bottleneck (Original Mix) by D_Know
8. I.A.D. (Original Mix) by Jaceo, Vedic
9. Consciente De Ser (Original Mix) by Osman Villamizar
10. DayLight (Black Acid's Techy Remix by Nuria Ghia
11. Elirion (Original Mix) by Cactus Twisters
12. Emperor (Original Mix) by Ross Evans
13. Lazy Gum (Original Mix) by Slimfit
14. Let the Beat Back (Original Mix) by Noisebuilder

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Good times playing San Francisco's after hours party, PROX.IM.I.TY.  The venue was in the perfect warehouse with a great crowd where the party didnt stop till the sun came up. Much thanks for the PROX.IM.I.TY crew for having me. 

Track listing:

  1. DMT Flash (Original mix) by Dirt Fun
  2. Nasty Minutes (Emilio Romo Remix) by Dario Troisi
  3. Angels in the Club (Original Mix) by Boiler K, Elekplunkinkantk
  4. Heartbleed (Original Mix) by Onrum
  5. No Obstacles (Original Mix) by Luca M, JUST2, Alex Rise
  6. Notos (Original Mix) by Tony Puccio
  7. Illusion (Original Mix) by Hunter/Game
  8. Zwitch (Original Mix) by Heerhorst
  9. Open Fields (Original Mix) by Chris Nord
  10. R.X (Nightmare) by Manu Soto
  11. Killer Plastic (Original Mix) by Giorgio Rusconi
  12. Affair (Sven Tasnadi Remix) by Chris Child
  13. Youth (Original Mix) by Chris QHQ
  14. Iwigo (Original Mix) by Tini Garcia
  15. Pfeffle (Original Mix) by Sweetland
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Had the pleasure to be an opening DJ for Pig and Dan at Verso nightclub in San Francisco during their North America tour. Currently, Pig&Dan are the most charting techno duo on Beatport. These guys are known not to go above 124bpm with their sets, so I had to be mindful with my track selection to create just the right intensity level for the room. The following was played:

  1. Hunting Buddha by Mundopal
  2. The 770 (Original Mix) by Didier dlb
  3. La Espera (Original Mix) by Razz
  4. Curly (Gianluca Caldarelli Remix) by Bulaklak
  5. D-Tonation (Original Mix) by D-Tention
  6. Krasiva (Marco Madia Remix) by Dipo
  7. Consciente De Ser (Original Mix) by Osman Villamizar
  8. No Obstacles (Original Mix) by Luca M, JUST2, Alex Rise
  9. Moondancer (Antonio Valente Remix) by Saytek
  10. Muse (Original Mix) by Stephen Macias
  11. Striking (Original mix) by Marver
  12. Division (Original Mix) by Brian Cid
  13. Apocalypto (Kikdrm Remix) by Grasso & Maxim



Direct download: PigandDan_April7_2017_Verso_ZitaMolnar_OpeningSet.mp3
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Track listing:
1. Syren (Original mix) by Horn
2. Notos (Original Mix) by Tony Puccio
3. Alkaline (Original Mix) by Audiotrauma
4. Intelecto (Original Mix) by Totem Pole, Effluence
5. Heartbleed (Original Mix) by Onrum
6. Buenos Aires (Original Mix) by Mozaiek 


[ techno, dance music, dj mix, edm, electronica ]

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This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio​, Chicago.
Track listing:
1. Zeus (Original Mix) by Loui Fernandez
2. Transparent (Original Mix) by Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm
3. Groove Only (Original Mix) by Tom Sawyer
4. Finding Peace of Mind (DJ Vitto Remix) by Mesquitas
5. Function (Original Mix) by Sopik

Direct download: SM031917.mp3
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This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio​, Chicago.

I have decided to do something different today, and focused the mix on chill music with vocals only. The Sound and Machine podcast being my musical playground and sound lab, I felt it was time do something with vocals for the first time in 5 years. ;)

Track listing for the episode is the following:

  1. Not the Same (Original Mix) by Four Days
  2. Acid Rain (Original Mix) by Campaner
  3. Insane (Rare Candy Remix) by Mickey Shiloh, Somn3um
  4. Frozen (LTN Sunrise Remix) by Christina Novelli, Roman Messer
  5. The Reach (Original Mix) by Four Days, Levitone
  6. Vectra (Original Mix) by Referna
  7. No Sympathy (Original Mix) by Maya Jane Coles


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New podcast is here. This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio, in Chicago on 92.5FM.

Track listing coming soon!


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My aired mix from Dance Factory Radio is here to download. This mini mix is also on my Podcast hosted on iTunes, MixCloud, and here, on SoundCloud. Track listing:
1. Blue Bags (Original Mix) by Slow Mode
2. Modana (Original Mix) by Morttagua
3. Easy (Original Mix) by Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot, Customer
4. Koil (Original Mix) by Lazy Bem
5. Beam Me Up (Original Mix) by NoizX

Direct download: SM02.19.17.mp3
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My record label (Zettabyte Records) collaborated with MNML:FUN, a local San Francisco monthly techno party held at Underground SF night club. We invited fellow California techno label bosses / A&R managers to spin on this particular line up. It was a damn fine party. Track listing:
1. Tricks (Original Mix) by Audiotrauma
2. Space Chamber (Original Mix) by DJ Dextro
3. Jack the ripper (Original Mix) by Nonyas
4. Windmills (Original MIx) by Lewis Delay
5. Minim (Original Mix) by Indeepend
6. Libra (Original Mix) by Pablo Santos
7. Solace (Original Mix) by Pan-Pot
8. Killingfloor (Original Mix) by Doctorminimal
9. Jazzy Organ (Davide Di Blasi Remix) by Regenschirm
10. Chemistry (Original Mix) by Pig&Dan
11. Ocho (Original Mix) by Gellert

Direct download: MNMLFUN_Jan_Zettabyte_2017.mp3
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Good times playing a warm up set for Guy J at Halcyon, San Francisco. It was three of us DJs opening for him, so my mix is a bit shorter and a lot more chill then usual.
Track listing:
1. Blanket (Original Mix) by Igor Gonya
2. Hidden (Rodean Remix) by T.lec
3. Walking Talking (Peter Makto & Gregory S Remix) by Monetic
4. Nomme (Original Mix) by Andrejs Jumkins
5. Nightwalker (Original Mix) by Berlin Minimal
6. Caudal (Original Mix) by Pablo Awad
7. Home (Dirty Culture Remix) by Guri, Eider, Wiki, Oneplus
8. Sounscaper (Ki.Mi. Remix) by Delskiz
9. Never Again (Original Mix) by Eliogold

Direct download: Guy_J_Opening_Set_MP3_Version.mp3
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Zita Molnar for Distrikt at Public Works [12.3.2016] - Holidaze 2016

When Distrikt throws a party - its an automatic YES PLEASE!
Had a blast spinning their last city event at Public Works, San Francisco. Distrikt is one of Burning Man's favorite day party crews. Their parties are legendary and epic. Track listing for this set:
1. F14 (Martin Giraldez Remix) by Alan Hash
2. I Wanna Dance (Original Mix) by Eugeneos
3. Feel (Original Mix) by Chay, Dead Space
4. Bumps (Original Mix) by Codes
5. Kind Of Blue (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov
6. Kings & Queens (Original Mix) by Ru De La Vega
7. Differenzial (Original mix) by Alain Jimenez
8. Perfect Stranger (Mikalogic Remix) by Jelly For The Babies
9. Say It (Original Mix) by B2K(RF)
10. House Music Is... (Original Mix) by Brett Gould
11. Trouble (Matt Sassari Remix) by Mario Piu, Dario Di Mauro
12. Overhead (Original Mix) by Carkeys
13. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
14. No me gusta (Original) by Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez
15. La Plata (Original Mix) by Beckers, D-Nox
16. The Plains (Original Mix) by Solid Slap
17. Mega (Original Mix) by Sam Paganini
18. Atlas (Original Mix) by Metodi Hristov
19. Get Together (Heinrich & Heine Remix) by Matic
20. Not Gonna Leave You (Danza Macabra Remix) by Hatikvah
21. U Got My Body (Return of the Jaded Remix) by Nora En Pure

Direct download: Holidaze_Distrikt_2016_-_21417_7.00_PM.mp3
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Zita Molnar at New Bohemia [San Francisco] - NYE 2017

Here is my recorded NYE mix from the New Bohemia event, held at the Mint in San Francisco. Good vibes, great crew, tons of fantastic performances, interactive art - this event really had it all. I had the opportunity to be the opening DJ in the main room, getting the task of warming up the room and setting the tone right. Enjoy the next 2 hours. Track listing:

1. Floating People (Original Mix) by Cesar Del Rio, Tatsu
2. Critical Reflection (Original Mix) by Disfunktional DJs
3. All Night (Original Mix) by AJ Mora, Dyla, Tony Smooth
4. Come Back (Original Mix) by The Organism
5. Fourtunes (Original Mix) by Jey Kurmis
6. Serious Matter (Bosom Mix) by American DJ
7. All I Need (Original Mix) by 86beat
8. I'm a Rebel (Luv Machines Remix) by Campaner
9. Boulevard (Original Mix) by Wiki, Oneplus
10. Drop N' Roll It (Original Mix) by Low Disco
11. She Works (Original Mix) by Jimmy Le Mac
12. Acid Ice Cream (Acid Drums Mix) by Jeremy Bass
13. Fucking Minds (Original Mix) by Fran Navaez
14. Home (Dirty Culture Remix) by Guri, Eider, Wiki, Oneplus
15. Never Again (Original Mix) by Eliogold
16. Yeah Yeah (Original Mix) by Brown Sneaker
17. Dolos (Original Mix) by Bosstune, Sebastian Gnewkow
18. Work 4 It (Original Mix) by M. Rodriguez
19. Shards (Remotion Remix) by Monotronik
20. I Am Around (Original Mix) by Dance Bridge
21. Steadily Upward (Original Mix) by Riffle Shuffle
22. Insane Crowd (Original Mix) by Craig Boyd
23. Flame (Original Mix) by Kisch, Leela D
24. Contemporary (Way Back Remix) by Aerotronic, Way Back
25. Fade Away (Kovary Remix) by Dayne S

Direct download: New_Bohemia_2017_mastered_mix.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:21am PDT

Track listing:

  1. Siren by Leonardo Dybas
  2. Moonset fur dich (Temudo Remix) by Kirkkomaki Watanabe
  3. Mosso by Riviera
  4. Dark Circles (Re-Edit) by Michael Kruck
  5. Random by Emptyvoid
  6. Minim by Indeepend



Direct download: SM_11.13.16.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:05pm PDT

Track listing:

  1. Cronica (Original Mix) by Lewis Delay
  2. Circuit (Original Mix) by Johnny Lux
  3. Extracted (Original Mix) by Dieter Dressner
  4. Boor (Original Mix) by Oscar Feroce
  5. Natural (Original Mix) by Arram
  6. Reinforcements ((Markarov_and_Steen_Remix)) by Hardmau
Direct download: SM10.16.16.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 7:45pm PDT

New podcast aired on Dance Factory Radio Chicago is now available to download. One can also find this mix on iTunes, SoundCloud, and MixCloud.
Please like / favorite me on Resident Advisor as one of the DJs you enjoy listening to ;)  Much thanks in advance!
Track listing:
1. Requiem (Original Mix) by Arii, Hervert Asia
2. A New Beauty (Original Mix) by Re:Axis
3. Katedra (Original Mix) by Verdi Interrato
4. Excruciating Days (Original Mix) by Matthew Bomb
5. Apollo (Original Mix) by Protyv

Direct download: SM092516.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 8:40am PDT

New mix! It also aired on Dance Factory Radio, Chicago, 92.5FM 

Track listing:

  1. Circular (Original Mix) by Oscar Ferocë
  2. Evoke (Original Mix) by Alex Delgado
  3. Slow Burn (The Day After Mix) by RRKS
  4. Nowhere (Original Mix) by Alex
  5. Torment (Original Mix) by Elek-Fun
  6. Dark Circles (Re-Edit) by Michael Kruck
Direct download: SM090416_updated_fix.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 8:14pm PDT

New Sound and Machine podcast episode is now up and available. Once can also listen to this on SoundCloud and MixCloud. 
1. Master Of Clock (Original mix) by Sam, Billy Roger
2. Future Faded ( Antonio Ruiz Rmx) by Sek7or
3. Say It Again (Original Mix) by LOCO & JAM
4. Deep Purple (Original Mix) by Guille Placencia , Marc Maya
5. Puddle (Original Mix) by Akulin 

Follow me on Instagram ( @zettabyte_ ) and  on SnapChat (zita.molnar) =) 

Direct download: SM081416.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 4:05pm PDT

Track listing:

  1. Noosphere (Original Mix) by Luze
  2. Scalextric (Andres Campo Remix) by Pig&Dan, Alberto Ruiz
  3. Kepler (Original Mix) by Ben Shiden
  4. Black River (Original Mix) by Ben Shiden
  5. Love in the End (Original Mix) by Re:Axis
Direct download: SM073116.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:10pm PDT

An epic night with an epic crew and a fantastic headliner from Berlin, Germany - named Developer, who is a Los Angeles born, frequent Berghain performer, label boss, and distributor for over 20 years on the world techno scene. San Francisco's Airpusher Collective is a Burning Man camp with a great mission.  It was amazing to be part of such a great night. Track listing was the following:
1. Transparent Curtains (Original Mix) by Florin Kah
2. Stardust (Original Mix) by Lerio Corrado
3. Been Too Long (Original Mix) by Absntmnded
4. New Horizons (Original Mix) by Raffaele Rizzi
5. Flow (Original Mix) by Alex Delgado
6. Preach Free (Original Mix) by Mario Giordano
7. Master Of Clock (Original mix) by Sam, Billy Roger
8. Puddle (Original Mix) by Akulin
9. Say It Again (Original Mix) by Loco & Jam
10. Critical Mass (Original mix) by Sin Sin
11. Hype (Original mix) by Basara-ZA
12. Microcosm (Original Mix) by Damon
13. Love in the End (Original Mix) by Re:Axis
14. Geoid (Original Mix) by AndReew
15. Travel Time (Original Mix) by Stephan Krus
16. Kepler (Original Mix) by Ben Shiden
17. Passage in the Mine (Original Mix) by Raphael Asman
18. I Got Soul (Alexic Rod Remix) by SICHI
19. Lottery Ticket (Original Mix) by Kostas Maskalides, Durtysoxxx
20. Robots 1019 (Original Mix) by DJ Dextro

Direct download: opening_set_developer_7.22.16.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 7:06pm PDT

Sound & Machine [Podcast] 07.03.16 - Aired on Dance Factory Radio, Chicago

Track listing:

  1. Stardust (Original Mix) by Lerio Corrado
  2. Intergalactic Funk Force (Original Mix) by Ian Davies
  3. Preach Free (Original Mix) by Mario Giordano
  4. Hi Jay (Original Mix) by Joe Kendut
  5. Vip (Gesus Lpz Remix) by Queco
Direct download: SM07032016.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 11:01am PDT

Opening for Carlo Lio was a great experience. I had to think and research well for my set, him being a versatile international talent whose techno style varies, yet its always on point. Thoughts: how do I want to start steering the "ship"? What music should I put in my digi crate? I m usually armed with about 80 new tracks for any major event, but I didnt know what to focus on this time: I felt the music had to be techno, but not too fast (duh - I m opening)but headlining the last couple times I caught my ears wired toward peak hour energy material that was not going to work. Other decision: shall I play american or european techno, what to have as a back up in case the crowd is not ready for the brand new releases from just days and weeks ago? shall I have something familiar - should I sneak in deeper stuff? or how about some minimal or acid tracks? Words vs no words ( I prefer zero vocals but wanted to push my boundaries a bit) Will Carlo be able to link in and continue the "story" us opener started? I felt I did alright ;) Love thinking about music, the audience, bringing new underground stuff to the table, and ponder about the crowds reaction. I feel at one point if its done right the audience and the DJs think as "one", vibe together - and thats the BESTEST feeling ever for a musician like me. Thanks for all who came out to the event! If you are on Resident Advisor, I would greatly appreciate your support by "favoriting" / " liking" me as one of your artists. The RA website has been lately the go-to source for many talent buyers, club owners, and promoters - hence the need to boost those numbers a little bit ;) 

Track list is the following: 
1. Portmany (Original Mix) by Chris Main
2. Wild (Adrian Laguna Remix) by Lander B, Oscar Escapa
3. Ambition (Original Mix) by Gabe, Dashdot
4. Rehab (Original Mix) by Milex
5. Dance Everyone (AudiTech Remix) by Alexis Centurion
6. Defect (Original Mix) by Ramon Bedoya
7. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
8. Haarlem (Original Mix) by George Privatti, Daniel Spanjaard
9. Do Your Ting (Original Mix) by Nino Bua
10. Poetry Boat (Original Mix) by Analyst
11. Red Hole (Original Mix) by Angelo Raguso, Felipe G
12. All Night Long (Nonnus & Porter Rhodes Remix) by Dastin, Uron
13. F14 (Martin Giraldez Remix) by Alan Hash
14. Out (Original Mix) by Paulo Foltz
15. Charlie (Original Mix) by Alex Long, Stanny Abram

Direct download: CarloLio_Opening_5.6.16.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:12pm PDT

Live recorded mix from Las Vegas. Played at a party out there called: Techno Taco Tuesday - great event, proper music, every tuesday. Liked the vibe - check it out next time you are in Las Vegas.
Track listing:
1. Bad Circuit (Original Mix) by Pablo Muzi3k
2. Fly My Car (Original Mix) by Dave Wincent
3. Vip (Gesus Lpz Remix) by Queco
4. Tecun (Original Mix) by Tektonauts
5. Puddle Trouble (Nic Fanciulli & Marc Fanciulli Remix) by Matthias Tanzmann, Dan Drastic
6. Ambition (Original Mix) by Gabe, Dashdot
7. Ripple (Original Mix) by Sean Collier
8. Cube (Original Mix) by Dave Wincent
9. Defect (Original Mix) by Ramon Bedoya
10. Panico en el Toilette by Modulus
11. PDC (Original Mix) by Omar Labastida, Gianni Ruocco
12. Do Your Ting (Original Mix) by Nino Bua
13. Sourmash (Original Mix) by Sound Sour
14. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
15. Red Hole (Original Mix) by Angelo Raguso, Felipe G
16. No me gusta (Original) by Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez
17. Mr Toad (Silvio Malla Remix) by Gabriel Rocha
18. Tempest (Original Mix) by Locomatica
19. Let the Beat Back (Original Mix) by Noisebuilder
20. Pressure (Horatio Remix) by KI Creighton, Makanan
21. Ice Plains (Original Mix) by Mind Over MIDI
22. Dream Along (Original Mix) by Likuidvibe
23. Intoxicating (Original Mix) by Kevin Witt
24. Roll (Original Mix) by Sven Sossong
25. Override (Ricardo Garduno Remix) by JAK
26. Dangerous Dream (Original Mix) by Dieter Dresner

Direct download: TechnoTacoTuesday_LV_04.26.2016.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:17am PDT

New mix. Also aired on Dance Factory Radio (Chicago)

Track listing:

1. Technotik (Rhythm Part Remix) by Alex Mor
2. Heat by Alex Long, Stanny Abram
3. Two Minds by Joe Mesmar
4. Till The End (Cesar D' Constanzzo Remix) by Stefano Panzera
5. Born Spark by Dustin Zahn

Direct download: SM041716.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 8:54pm PDT

Track listing:

1. Don't Stop (Original Mix) by Drumdrive
2. Black Androit (Original Mix) by Maunell
3. Defect (Original Mix) by Ramon Bedoya
4. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
5. Onde de choc (Cosmic Boys Remix) by Le Son Du Placard
6. F14 (Martin Giraldez Remix) by Alan Hash



Direct download: SM041016.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 10:45pm PDT

Good times playing for the Pulse Generator event in San Francisco at Underground SF. This recorded live mix is also downloadable from my podcast called "Sound and Machine" on iTunes.
Track listing:
1. Ethinic Africa (Original Mix) by Nino Bellemo, Quality Cat
2. Deep Freeze (Original Mix) by Flare
3. Favorite Mistake (Original Mix) by DJ Lugo
4. Sourmash (Original Mix) by Sound Sour
5. Rub It (Agogô Tool Mix) by Trunkline
6. No me gusta (Original) by Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez
7. Placebo (Original Mix) by Le Son Du Placard
8. No Such Thing as a White Horse (Original Mix) by Kaye
9. Charlie (Original Mix) by Alex Long, Stanny Abram
10. Solid Dark (Original Mix) by Ben Champell
11. Molecular Beats (Original Mix) by Dan Traxmander, Luchiiano Vegas
12. Flying For Stars (Original mix) by Modular Phaze
13. Red Flag (Darkrow Remix) by Freeman (Spain)
14. Mixed Messages (Joseph Christopher Reconstruction) by Yvonne Black
15. Stellar (Original mix) by Stellar (Original mix)
16. Port Caol (Original Mix) by Matt Sassari
17. Full Body Contact (Raxon Remix) by Maurice Aymard
18. Casual (Original Mix) by Patrik Berg
19. Wailing (Alberto Ruiz Remix) by Aitor Ronda
20. Transpire (A++ Remix) by Fractious



Category: -- posted at: 5:43pm PDT

San Francisco is famous of its after hours parties. Had the pleasure to spin 7am at Monroe. It was one heck of  morning, since I had to play just 4 hours before that at Public Works for Crystal Method. I often like such crazy sets, because i m totally relying on the subconcious and play the best, wickedest, most fun sets. 

Direct download: Monroe3.5.16.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:11pm PDT

Got to be part of the epic 14 year anniversary party for San Francisco's Opel Productions. The headliner was Crystal Method -who also announced their retirement. What a night. Track listing coming soon.

Direct download: Public_Works_CrystalMethod_3.4.16.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 11:26pm PDT

Closed out the night after Las Vegas homies from "Techno Taco Tuesday" (Lance and Tino) headlined the MNML:FUN party. What is MNML:FUN? Its a monthly techno event in San Francisco, independently ran by 3 good friends who have no help from sponsors, major nightclubs, promoters - they do it all their own. The party books quality techno and minimal DJs that are from their respectable local communities and who are known to take pride in their craft and track selections. Every 3rd friday - come on by Underground SF in San Francisco to party with us. ;)
Had to stop when the lights came on at the club, so the set is not quite an hour.
Track listing:
1. Brooklyn by Ange Siddhar, Illan Nicciani
2. Xevious (Oxia Remix) by Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo
3. Swesay by Matt Sassari
4. Puddle Trouble (Nic Fanciulli & Marc Fanciulli Remix) by Matthias Tanzmann, Dan Drastic
5. In My Brain by Juan Ddd, Celic
6. Do That by 909 Til Infinity
7. Dreams Always Stay (Blondee Remix) by Ricardo Princess, Elaine Winter
8. Back to 1994 by Saulo Paul
9. Light Sabotage by Jeff Scroggin
10. Consumer by Sin Sin
11. Arcane (Robotmode Remix) by Mauro Nakimi
12. Wolfpack by Zita Molnar
13. 25 Dreams by Zita Molnar

Direct download: MNMLFUN_Feb_2016_-_22116_2.40_PM.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:47pm PDT

My first 2016 mix, played at San Francisco's MNML:FUN party, which is an event dedicated to techno of various forms and tempo.
Like the mix? Please "favorite" / like me as one of your dj's on Resident Advisor. Your continuous support is much appreciated!

Track listing - coming soon.

Direct download: MNMLFUNjan2016.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:34am PDT

This mix was recorded when I played for the DISTRIKT Retrospekt party October 2015, in San Francisco.
Distrikt is an artist collective, who also happens to do the biggest, sickest, awesomest day time parties at Burning Man festival. Its always epic sharing decks with this crew. 

Track listing for this mix:

Distrikt Retrospekt – 2015:
1. Dusk by Olivier Giacomotto
2. Spacenotes (Joseph Gaex Remix) by Fran S.
3. The Tech School (Djeep Rhythms Remix) by Dani Barrera
4. Ghosts by DJ PP, Jack Mood
5. Corsair (Mirko Worz Remix) by Mario Piu, Francesco Bertelli
6. Resonances by Lluis Ribalta
7. Wait for you by (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
8. Mothman (Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Remix) by The YellowHeads
9. El Notas (Unique (CRO) Remix) by Sosa Ibiza
10. Acid Bubblebath (Wata Igarashi Remix) by SERi (JP)
11. Coppertone by Rob Bello
12. Sick Nasty (Io Mulen Remix) by Ludvan Allan
13. Caravan by Horatio, Gruia
14. Blindsided (Stefan Hellstrom Remix) by Kriece
15. 25 Dreams by Zita Molnar
16. U-Bahn by PALMFooD
17. Feel Then Light (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) by Danny Lloyd

Direct download: Distrikt-Retrospekt2015-ZitaMolnar.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:47pm PDT

Track listing: (This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio 92.5 and 99.9FM radio, Chicago )

Track listing:
1. Busted by Mighty David
2. Thistle by Michael Mclardy
3. New Reality by Roberto De Haro
4. Let’s go by Audiomatiques
5. Human Experience by Sphenoid
6. Fakt by Dhyan Droik, DurtysoxXx

Direct download: SM011016.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:01pm PDT

New mix:

  1. The Mystery of Winter by Needra
  2. Constellation by Dani Sbert
  3. Sodom by Pedro Costa
  4. Look Up by Virtual Minimal
  5. Veins by Hot Since 82
  6. Gut Check (Julio (Italy) Remix) by Nonyas
Direct download: SM122715.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 9:30pm PDT

Mexico - here I come  =)) The guys from Querétaro were awesome to air a guest mix of mine on their radio station, Radar 107.5FM, Dynamis. 

Here is the full track listing:


  1. Danger by Robin Hirte, Raphael Dincsoy
  2. Souvenir by Clio
  3. Where are you now by ANNA
  4. Black Androit by Maunell
  5. Warship by Vigure, Charlie Curtis
  6. Rehab by Milex
  7. Golden Gate by Danniel Selfmade
  8. Known Unknowns (Jon Cataldo Remix) by Nonyas
  9. Clips by Hollen
  10. Dirty by Angelo Raguso, FAW9
  11. Sauvage by Carlos Guerrero
  12. Fight for Win by NAV3L
  13. The Stairway (Rene Breitbarth Acid Reconstruction) by Inner Square
  14. De Paso by Juan Santacruz
  15. Bathroom Party by Zita Molnar
  16. Fiser by David Olmos
  17. BRS by H. Paul
  18. Midnight by Hector Merida, Lacey IQ
  19. Moksha (Conrad Van Orton remix) by Scam.
  20. Resolution by Censer
  21. Fuck this Shit (John Barsik Remix) by Lucas Klein


Direct download: Dynamis2015mexico.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:07pm PDT

Distrikt is the biggest daytime camp that throws legendary parties at Burning Man festival for the last 8-9 years. Hence its still unbelievable for me that I got to play for them this year. so... here it is the long waited mix - live from the playa!!! woot =)))

Track listing:

1.     Laguna by Pablo Awad

2.     Busty by RAPHA (ITALY), Gianfranco Troccoli

3.     The Dot by CWF

4.     I m There by Maxi Fox

5.     Time 2 Get Up by Trav & Volta

6.     Una Palabra (BeatQueche Remix) by Carlos Varela

7.     Confused by Vortex

8.     Intelligent Creatures by Stereo View

9.     Don’t call me baby (Motez Vicious21 Remix) by Madison Avenue

10.  Spin It (Wehbba Remix) by Flow & Zeo

11. Golden Gate by Danniel Selfmade

12. Corsair (Mirko Worz Remix) by Mario Piu, Francesco Bertelli

13. Jacky Cold by Felipe Galleguillos, Pereira Bros

14. Wait for you (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) by Quivver

15. Plastic Dreams (Hoxton Whores, HXTN Remix) by Jaydee

16. El Notas (Unique (CRO) Remix) by Cool Like Daddys

17. Sick Nasty by Ludvan Allancopprtp

18. Coppertone by Rob Bello

19. Play with Me by Platinum Doug

20. Strut Your Funky Stuff (Liam O'Connol Remix) by Cool Like Daddy

21. Techno Design by Cool Like Daddy

22. Arabesco by Andrea Mattioli, Daniele Mannoia

23. Shifter by Lars Wickinger

24. Underground Disco by Jeremy Bass

25. One Shot by (Daniel Spanjaard Remix) by by The Southern

Direct download: Distrikt_Zita_BM2015_Sat.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 5:51pm PDT

Burning Man 2015 - Mayan Warrior Lounge - Wednesday Sunset - Zita Molnar (recorded live mix)

Nothing like DJing at Burning Man Festival - what an experience. Imagine partying in a dust storm, warm wind, surrounded by mountains in a desert while a beautiful orange sun is shining down at you in the late afternoon. It was epic!

Track listing:

  1. Nomme by Andrejs Jumkins
  2. Love in me (Maceo Plex Remix) by Laura Jones
  3. Nightrider by Claudia Lovisa
  4. Who ‘Nose by DAF
  5. Valencia (Dousk Remix) by Darin Epsilon
  6. Warm Shower by Real & Cay
  7. Back Home (Daveed's Precarious Dub) by Kelson
  8. Nothing (Dub Emotion Remix) by Tim Ray
  9. Namron (Unemployed Remix) by Les, Zoran Zilijc
  10. Caravan by Horatio, Gruia
  11. Sick Nasty (Io Mulen Remix) by Ludvan Allan
  12. Your Love (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix) by Slow Crime
  13. Chic Le Moste by Snilloc
  14. Touch My Soul by (Oscar P NY 2 Dtroit Dub) by Stu G
  15. Freezing by Tripio X
  16. Red Train by Gales
  17. Turn Around by TKNO
  18. Think for yourself by Merlo, Loxodonta
  19. Closer by Leonardus
  20. Drunk Girls by Saccao, Thee Cool Cats
  21. Detour by Zita Molnar
  22. Under Substance (Dr.Masher Remix) by Caribe Ruso
Direct download: Mayan_Warrior_2015_BM_-_101015_2.52_PM.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:29pm PDT

Zita Molnar Opening Set for Peter Bailey at The End Up (San Francisco)

That one time when I opened for Peter Bailey in San Francisco and due to airplane delays he was so late that I got to spin an extended 2.5 hours set. Wish all my dj gigs would be this long! Longer sets let the audience get into the grove better while  the DJ can properly tell a story via music. Here is my latest story ;)

Thanks for all your support!

Track listing:
1. Techno Hell (Original Mix) by Anthony F
2. Modulated (Original Mix) by Sedoy
3. Freaky Deaky (Original Mix) by Ruben Mandolini
4. Are You Ready (Original Mix) by Nino Bua
5. Panico en el Toilette (Original Mix) by Modulus
6. Space Project (Original Mix) by Smith & King
7. West Village (Original Mix) by Paride Saraceni
8. Overtime (Original Mix) by Maya Jane Coles
9. Who You Are (Dosem Remix) by Christian Smith
10. Fucking Minds (Original Mix) by Fran Navaez
11. My Reaction (Original Mix) by Jewel Kid
12. Catz Don't Know (Alex Raider Remix) by Lex Loofah, Stanny Abram
13. Acid Room 8 (Original Mix) by M. Fukuda, SERi (JP)
14. Sneaky by JAMES, Jasper
15. Your Intention (Original Mix) by Coqui Selection
16. Track 05 (Mattew Jay Mix) by MiniCoolBoyz
17. Acid Bubblebath (Wata Igarashi Remix) by SERi (JP)
18. Teaser 2 (Original Mix) by Blue Amazon
19. By My Side (Original Mix) by Lewis Delay
20. The Exchange (Original Mix) by Christian Smith
21. Drugs (Vincent Villani Remix) by DurtysoxXx
22. Belvedere by Zita Molnar
23. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo
24. Strut Your Funky Stuff (Liam O'Connol Remix) by Cool Like Daddy
25. Overcode (Marc Systematic Remix) by Alex Barreto
26. Pressure (D-Deck Remix) by D-Unity
27. G 001 (Original Mix) by Giampi Spinelli
28. Organized Crime (Original Mix) by Microvibez
29. Super Duper 2015 (Original Mix) by Hochanstaendig
30. Tanzfest (Original Mix) by Truemode
31. Click Time (Original Mix) by Sirius Brown
32. Room Side 69 (Original Mix) by Enzo Tucci
33. Cold (Original Mix) by DJ Noldar
34. Arteries (Original Mix) by Sergio Castilla
35. Final Approach (Original Mix) by Marco Bailey

Direct download: PeteretBaileyOpeningSet_-_72615_4.20_PM.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 9:33am PDT

New mix! Summer is heating up and I m excited to bring some fresh tunes to the interwebs. I will have several fantastic underground gigs coming up mid July - cant wait to post my recorded sets. For now here is the track listing for this 25 minute mix:

1. Capone by Paolo Nicoli
2. Dance Everyone (AudiTech Remix) by Alexis Centurion
3. Oktagon by Daniele Donati
4. Underground by Jochen Pash, Josha
5. Hippie Enzymes by Mikalogic
6. Tender Trip by Juliet Sikora

Direct download: SM062815.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:51pm PDT

After a bit of a break here is the newest Sound and Machine podcast episode with my latest, favorite melodic tunes. Track listing:
1. Restart Burger by Tomin Tomovic, Ri Za
2. Chic Le Moste by Snilloc
3. Dreaming Life by Forest Weed
4. Vagabond (NIkkor sunset remix) by Greg Ignatovich, Alexandros Djkevingr
5. Wide Open by Luke Mandala
6. Ancient Codes Of Meditation (Furrr & Hazendonk Remix) by PrinsJan

Direct download: SMzita061415.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 12:31am PDT

Chicago female house music legends DJ Heather and Colette were playing in San Francisco at Mighty night club where I had the pleasure to be their opening DJ. While most of my productions and performances these days are in the minimal and techno genres, there is nothing like dusting off some proper house tunes from my old crates, and get back to my Chicago musical roots. Like the mix? Pretty please favorite my artist page on Thanks for your support! =)
Track listing is the following:
1. Deep Vibes (Original Mix) by Johannes
2. No Beat To Hide (Original Mix) by Normen Hood
3. Blue Factors (Original Mix) by Najwars
4. Bad Cinderalla (Original Mix) by Lian July
5. Catch the Feeling (Original Mix) by Apollo 84, Hannah Jacques
6. Beautiful Stranger Feat. Sarignia Bonfa (Original Mix) by Marcus Meinhardt, Sarignia Bonfa
7. Love (Original Mix) by Ama Roc
8. Love Me Right Now (Original Mix) by Domy
9. Reckless (Original Mix) by Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto
10. Straight Ahead (Original Mix) by Mighty Real
11. Warm Shower (Original Mix) by Real & Cay
12. Sublime (Original Mix) by Soundscape
13. Dinamo (Marck D Remix) by Yan Oxygen
14. Give It To Them by Aziz
15. Love Kills! (Chaim Version) by Kiki, Chaim, Cari Golden
16. Amante (Original) by James Silk
17. Switch It Up (Original Mix) by Helfau reload
18. Morning Star (Deep Mix) by George F, N.A.R.D.O
19. Choco Swing (Original Mix) by Tom Budden
20. Essa Hei (Original Mix) by Chase Buch, Nick Olivetti
21. Keep On Getting Down (Original Mix) by Nima Gorji
22. Infant House (Original Mix) by Tiger Stripes
23. Your Move (Florian Meindl Dub Mix) by Martin Eyerer, Kosheen
24. Branch View (Original Mix) by Sebastian Gudding
25. Feelings (feat. Natalie Wood - (Miguel Migs Deep Salted Dub) by Russ Jay, Natalie Wood
26. Release Me (feat Lotti) by FOAMO

Direct download: HeatherandColetteCompressed.mp3
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Zita Molnar set for MNML:FUN with Craig Kuna at Underground SF, San Francisco , April 2015

MNML:FUN is a monthly event showcasing San Francisco techno and minimal DJs , producers, and record labels.

Us resident DJs rotate, and this time I got to play the closing set. This mix is not going to be a full hour because the club had to shot down at 2am. No need to say, it was still super fun. 

The track listing is the following:

1.  Outrageous by Danny Dulgheru

2. Gork by Schubert

3. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo

4.  Que Paso by Modulus

5. Override (Ricardo Garduno Remix) by JAK

6.  Delorean by Third Son

7.  Organic Noise by Julio Roger

8.  Move Closer by Zita Molnar

9.  TNPLB by Patrick LeVar

10. Submerge by Robbie Pope

11. El Ritmo  by Martin Villeneuve

12.  Dropt the Box by Sebastian Manuel, TKNO

13. Troublemaker (Dhyan Droik Remix) by Giulio Lnt

14. Twice by Giulio Lnt


Direct download: MNMLFUNApril2015_-_41815_1.10_PM.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:27am PDT

New mix!  - track listing will get posted later.



Direct download: SM011815_.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:50pm PDT

Hi Everyone, 


MNML:FUN is a monthly event in San Francisco that my buddies and I are throwing. We are showcasing local techno and minimal talent.

This was my live set. The track listing was the following:

Track listing:
1. Love Drug feat. Fritz Helder (Booka's Red Light Remix) by Booka Shade
2. Moudness by Miguel Bastida
3. Freaky Deaky by Ruben Mandolini
4. Electriko by Sonic Dust
5. Drop the Box by Sebastian Manuel, TKNO
6. Kalypso by Hollen
7. Background (Alessan Main Remix) by Fabio Neural
8. Nymph by Tatumba, Mandello
9. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo
10. Raw Cut by Prok & Fitch
11. Terrazza's House by Philip Bader
12. Tanzfest by Truemode
13. Keep Calm by Beat N' Chic
14. Drugs (Vincent Villani Remix) by DurtysoxXx

Direct download: MNMLFUNFeb2015_-_3215_11.06_PM.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 11:54pm PDT

Track listing for this mix:

1. Nymph by Tatumba, Mandello
2. My Robot Friend by Olivier Giacomotto
3. Submerge by Robbie Pope
4. My Venom (“She is Poison” Daya Remix) by Zita Molnar
5. B-Side (M. Rodriguez Remix) by@David David Kinnard

Direct download: SM021515.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 9:44pm PDT

Track listing:

1. Los Angeles by Ricky Ryan, Kosmas
2. Scholomance by Ruslan Khodzhamov
3. Valencia (Dousk Remix) by Darin Epsilon
4. 800 lesbians by Snilloc
5. Escape you notice by Thomas Neumann
6. Acid Ice Cream (Acid Drums Mix) by Jeremy Bass

Direct download: SM020815.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 9:42pm PDT

Aaaaand we are back with some faster harder good stuff. This mix aired (without the drops) on Dance Factory radio in Chicago. Track listing:
1. MoveCloser by Zita Molnar
2. F14 (Martin Giraldez Remix) by Alan Hash
3. C'est Vrai by Breger
4. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo
5. Trail Boss by James Welsh
6. Almost Nothing (David Hat & Gesus Lpz Remix) by JUST2

Direct download: SM011815_-_11815_11.06_PM.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 1:41pm PDT

Did you know you guys are listing to this podcast from 43 different countries?!?!  How cool is that =D  Thank you for tuning in. I really appreciate it. Music is a common languge we can all understand despite being thousands of miles away from each other speaking so many dialects. If you want to see who are the countries with the most listeners, I posted a picture to my Instagram account @zettabyte_ 

Lets kick off the year with something more on the lighter side ;)
track listing:
1. Half Moon by Davide Neri
2. Deep in My Chest (Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix) by Rosario Galati
3. Parameters by Lank
4. Neon by Duoteque
5. Teknocore (American DJ Remix) by Vincenzo Varagone
6. You Wish by Radio Guidance

Direct download: SMzita011115_-_11215_2.17_AM.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:31am PDT

Tiefschwarz (Germany) is one of the rare, long standing DJ duos (they might be a trio by now) who has been able to maintain an underground status while doing remixes for such big names as Depeche Mode, Madonna, etc 

It was a fantastic night with a great vibe. Here is the track listing for my recorded set:

1. Street Beat by Nadja Lind, Vandermeer, Quintin Christian

2. Sure Thing (Andrey Loud Remix) by Per QX, Elias Bravo

3.  Escape by Maaik

4. Sencha by Mikishiku

5. Dust by Moritz Guhling

6.  Once in a Blue Moon by Guy J

7.  Trippin by Garry Trace

8.  Summer Shine by Stan Castillo

9.  Sideways by Jens Bond, Jacob Phono

10.  Is this it by Rills, Sammy

11.   Follow Me Blind (Kakkeplay Remix) by Honka

12.  Up Her Skirt (Lefty D Remix) by Lastraw

13.  Crack It Up (Dub Version (Exclusive) by Jochen Pash

14.  Blues in Thy Name by Pagano

15.  Lost in Process Feat. Thomas Gandey (Wehbba Remix) by Affkt, Thomas Gandey


Direct download: ZitaMolnarLiveTiefschwarzOpening110714.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:16pm PDT

Got the chance to play at one of the best underground parties ever located couple hours outside of San Francisco. The headliner was Avanti - a producer / DJ duo from Mexico City, Mexico. Good vibes, and good times. 

Track listing: 

1. Street Beat (Original Mix) by Nadja Lind, Vandermeer, Quintin Christian

2. Not Reality (Big Al Remix) by Ale Kis

3. Lost Angeles (Original Mix) by Ricky Ryan, Kosmas

4. Stigma (Framewerk Dub) by D33P

5. Spider Drops (Original Mix)  by AC

6. 800 Lesbians (Original) by Snilloc

7. Aura (Dahu Remix) by Tony Casanova, Jonas Saalbach

8. Trippin (Original Mix) by Garry Trace

9. Rainbows (Original Mix) by Chappano

10. Escape Your Notice (Original Mix) by Thomas Neumann

11. Kalypso (Original Mix) by Hollen

12. We All Shine On (Cid Inc Remix) by Simon Shackleton

13. Up (Original Mix) by VVIBE

14. Blues In Thy Name (Original Mix) by Pagano

15. Connections (Marcus Meinhardt Mix) by Uone

16. Amante (Original) by James Silk

17. Likwid (Original Mix) by Pippi Ciez

18. Move Closer (Original Mix) by Zita Molnar

19. Mystery (Original Mix) by S.K.A.M.

20. Blackplant (Original Mix) by Kevin Over

21. This Is For You (Original Mix) by Marco Cardoza

22. Secrets (Original Mix) by Nik Allen

23. On The Inside (Original Mix) by Cristoph

24. Jam (Darkrow Remix) by Lemon Inc, Adoo

25. Recoil (Dousk Remix) by GMJ

26. So Now 1975 (Original Mix) by Tripmann

27. Let's Go (Original Mix) by La Source

28. Train (FakeOb Remix) by Touch The Sound

29. Magic (Supacooks Remix) by Brad Rock

Direct download: HangarBravo5.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 1:20am PDT

New mix is up. Here are my latest favorite techno and minimal tracks:
1. Turrasa & Tallerisi (Leo Choi remix) by SRA
2. Undertaker by Samuel Fach
3. Another Chance by Sam Paganini
4. Running out of Time by Loco & Jam
5. Haze by RUIZ, Alberto/HUGO BIANCO
6. Integrate by Shane Fontane

Direct download: SM111614.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 9:34pm PDT

Sound and Machine 11.02.14

New mix with the following track listing:

  1. 1. Space Knights by ADRIATIQUE
  2. 2. Human Experience by Sphenoid
  3. 3. SCFGM-08  by Spherical Coordinates
  4. 4. The Grays by Fabio Florido
  5. 5. Conjure Superstar by Maceo Plex
Direct download: SM110214.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:37pm PDT

Hi Everyone, 

I m posting a very special live mix that I played during the man's burn on Burning Man 2014, on the Airpusher Art Car. 

A wonderful DJ crew, a kick ass party group, non stop techno, all while there were giant feets of fire flames, fire spinners, music, and cheers.

After the lenghty burn, the art car strolled out into the empty desert and the party continiued on a whole new level.

Why so late you might wonder?  Because it costs money to buy storage data and this file is crazy big! ... so had to save up for it ;)

But its finally here! yay Enjoy the next 3 hrs.

The track list is the following: 


1.  Intro

2. I Love Techno by Anna

3. Inicio by Jonathan Bassan

4. Deep Alpha by Akashic

5. Megalomanez by Navar

6. Groove In Me by Cristoph

7. ID (Luis Junior Remix) by Monaque

8. Mambo by Madador (IE)

9. The Heat Beat by Tony Osborn

10.  Fidel by Project 24

11. Vertigo (Planisphere Remix) by Quadran

12. Deeper Maker by Diego Macias

13. Different Points of View by Sammy

14. Iron Triangle by Hobo

15. Tungsten by Beat Bizarre

16. Making a Difference by Nadja Lind, Paul Loraine

17. April by Adrian Bago

18. Hot Mess Feat. Lex Famous (Dom Dolla Remix) by Benson

19. Delhi Aftertaste by Bongo Beat

20. Soul Background by Loui Fernandez

21. Absolution (Nicolas Duvoisin Remix) by Auk

22. Dark Light by Sky Mode

23. CWRS by Yenk

24.  Array by Owen Sands

25.  Southgate by Timmo

26. Playing With Acid by Ahmet Sisman

27. Naive Response by AVERY, Daniel

28. In the Wires by  Digital Emotion

29. Sancudo by Festiva

30. Silent Hill by Alain Fanegas, Julien Uranga

31. Run White by Marc Marzenit

32. Sneaky by JAMES, Jasper

33. Do Dna by Dash

34. You Don't Stop (Tim Cullen Remix) by Will Gold

35. The Chawen Box by Gaspar T

36. Track 05 (Mattew Jay Mix) by MiniCoolBoyz

37. The Journey Begins by MOUDABER, Nicole/VICTOR CALDERONE

38. Define by Cro Magnon

39.  Pooomp by Monica Dias

40. Overcode (Marc Systematic Remix) by Alex Barreto

41.  Eye by Kastis Torrau, Arnas D

42. Au da City by Sanex

43. Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze remix) by MODERAT

44.  Star Atlas by Likhnitsky

45. Morbili (Dimo Remix) by DJ Pepo

Direct download: BM2014AirpushersBurnNightMix.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:06pm PDT

New quick mix. Track listing:
1. Blitz by Oliver Huntemann
2. Conjure Drama by PLEX, Maceo
3. Groove in Me by Cristoph
4.Bongel by Streiflicht
5. Donko Donko by Skatebard
6. Ushuaia by Gabriel Evoke

Direct download: SM101914.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:37pm PDT

New deep tech mix.Track listing:

1. Voices from the past by Khen

2.  Another Night by CLAPTONE

            3. Trip (Eivissa Beach Mix) by Island Diva

            4. No Looking Back by Simon Sheppard

            5. You Don't Stop (Tim Cullen Remix) by Will Gold

            6. Hot Mess Feat. Lex Famous (Dom Dolla Remix) by Benson

Direct download: SM092114.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:36am PDT

Sound and Machine 09.14.14

Back with some more melodic material. Started this mix with a great deep house track and progressed it into a techno finish. 

Track listing:

1.  I Wanna Know by Cloudive

2.  Groove in Me by Cristoph

3.  Blitz by Oliver Huntemann

4. Cangallo by Marcos Grijo

5. Back to Origins  by Florian Tyack, Funkbrainer

Direct download: SM091414.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:00pm PDT

Hey all. Lets get weird. New mix track listing:

1. 1. Press Loop by Waveform Bits

2. 2. Fargo (alternative version) by dubspeeka

3. 3. Underground by Kleber

4. 4. Chemical Influence by Frederic Stunkel

5. 5. Heavy Hipstering (Paul Mad Remix) by Dean Barred, Dubbtone & Tileff

6. 6. Lets get High by Aytac Kart

Direct download: SM081714.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 7:38pm PDT

Here is a new mix with track listing:
1. Heavy Hispter (Paul Mad Remix) by Dean Barred, Dubbtone & Tileff
2. Shake it up by Demarzo
3. Are you Ready by Nino Bua
4. Gurda by Daniel Spanjaard
5. Mothman(Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Remix) by The YellowHeads
6. Torino Milano (Deraglio Mix) by Zeta Project

Direct download: SM072014.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 11:19pm PDT

Sunrise Set (Live) from Cannonball 2014 - Delta River Boat Party by Zita Molnar

Cannonball was an epic multi boat party with about 220+ attendees on the Delta River in Ca. This mix was done unexpectedly right about late night / early sunrise with a bunch of good friends on their SS Shipface boat, surrounded with a beautiful island view, on calm waters, fresh summer air, still in a wonderfully altered state of mind after a long night of raging / dancing. Even though dawn was ending, we just couldnt stop the music, until the sun came back up fully on, shining with its warmth. Luckily, remembered to push the record button. Enjoy the next 3 hr set. =)

Track listing - will need some time to get that. Promise, I will post it as soon as i figure it out.

Direct download: Cannonball2014.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:02am PDT

Techno mix. Track listing is the following:

1.  Visualize by Victor Ruiz

2. Stomp by D-Unity

3. Line Up by gogofree

4. Track 05 (Mattew Jay Mix) by MiniCoolBoyz

5. My Reaction by Jewel Kid


Direct download: SM051114.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:23pm PDT

Happy holidays! Here is a deep house mix. Track listing:

1.  Everyone by Fabrizio La Marca

2.  Cityscape (dub) by Sidechaine

3.  Holograms Faded by Julian Dep

4. Torino Milano (Deraglio Mix) by Zeta Project

5.  Okay by Shiba San / Dirty bird

Direct download: SM042014.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 11:18pm PDT

Here comes a full techno set from playing on a great event in Oakland, Ca thanks to the Airpusher Burning Man crew.   This 1000+ attendee party was at the Nimby warehouse on April 12, 2014. Here is my live recorded set. The track list was the following:
1. Techno Design by Qwez
2. Deep Alpha by Akashic
3. Haterade by J Naj
4. Fraaz by Steve Judge
5. Balls (Roy's 2013 Mix) by Neuroxyde, Roy RosenfelD
6. Collision by Hollen
7. Train Tool by Kopfnikker
8. The Monster by Monococ
9. Feel the Panic DJ Dan, Oscar L
10. The Dream by Carlo Whale
11. Red Shuffle by Wehbba
12. Bodylost by Gaiser
13. Turo by XaviDee, Joseph Kowelds
14. Hard Times by Subgate, Tibiza

Direct download: NymbiAirSteamPunk.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 1:13am PDT

Performing an opening DJ set for an event that welcomes one of the biggest DJs in this world, such a Hernan Cattaneo, and has multiple openers on top of it - was not easy. In this recording, one can hear me keep the BPM at a steady 122 while playing a smooth edgy deep house set with a tech influence. It was such an honor to be part of this event (thank you SET!) and as always, Hernan rocked the crowed so good .. no one was ready to go home at 4am!


Track listing:

1.  Story by D.Matveev

2.  Eloquenza by Gabriel D'Or, Bordoy

3. Try To Get Enough (Heston remix) by 2ND SEQUEL

4. XChange by SASSE

5. Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors by Dave Pad

6. Integration by Markus Homm

7.  Born by SALMON, Andre

8. Elirion by Cactus Twisters

9. La Fabrica (Warehouse Mix) by Nick Warren


11. More or Less by Marco Bocatto

12. Nihil (Dos remix) by SYSTEM OF SURVIVAL

13. The Dream by Carlo Whale

14. Minus by Ruede Hagelstein

15. Explorer by Play Patrik

Direct download: HernanLiveSet2014.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 1:23am PDT

I m back from Costa Rica. I highly suggest checking out Envision festival next year. It was a great experience. Here is the new mix. Track listing:

1.  An Epic Sunset by Subandrio

2. Analog Fun by Tomislav Rupic

3. Love Song (Samuel L Session) by Pig & Dan

4. Red Shuffle by Wehbba

5. Cosmic Cat by Mashur

6. Feel Then Light (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) by Danny Lloyd

Direct download: SM030914.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 7:51pm PDT

Tech and deep, with a little sound synthesis edge. Track listing:

1. Sugar Dance by  David Prap, Willy Real

2. Something I think  

3. Blindside by FIORD

4. Straktrekken by Egbert

5.  Antibiotic by Sanil Fenice

6. Seven by Nachtaktiv

7. Kabool by Kaiserdisco

Direct download: SM012614.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:46am PDT

Welcome to the latest podcast. We are going full on techno. Track listing:

1. In the Wires by Digital Emotion

2. Secret Path by Argy K

3. Haterade by J Naj
4. Fraaz by Steve Judge
5. Runnin Wild (Alex Mine Remix) by D-Unity
6. Feel the Panic by DJ Dan, Oscar L
7. Pressure (D-Deck Remix) by D-Unity
8. The Exchange by Christian Smith

Direct download: SM011914.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:47pm PDT

First mix of 2014! Starting it off with techno - a faster angle of it, but not the hard style. Track listing:

1. Balls (Roy's 2013 Mix) by Neuroxyde, Roy RosenfelD
2. Divas by Matador (IE)
3. Been There, Used To Do That (David Granha Remix) by Chris Fortier
4. Line Up by gogofree
5. Techno Design by Qwez
6. Legends by Solee

Direct download: SM010514.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 8:41pm PDT

Techno!!!!! Back to basics. Track listing:

1. Define by Cro Magnon
2. House Your Body by Pierre Deutschmann
3. Track 05 (Mattew Jay Mix) by MiniCoolBoyz
4. Polyester by Sam Paganini
5. Let The Party Start (Da Fresh Remix) by Rosie Romero, JunkDNA, Ben Malone

Direct download: SM111013.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 6:39pm PDT

Here is world music / international flair inspired deeo house mix. Chill time. Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. Like a Fool by Afrobeat
2. Get the Deep (Instrumental Mix) by Andrew Noize
3. Someone Else's Ground by Domscott, Elle Marchelle
4. Mi Mujer by Nicolas Jaar
5. Watch Out by Bufi, La Royale
6. ID (Luis Junior Remix) by Monaque

Direct download: SM110313.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 6:36pm PDT

One hour live mix available to download from my sound cloud page played at a festival this summer. Search for Zita Molnar, or Heart Phoenix. Meanwhile, here is the usual quick 25 minute mix that has five amazing tracks of the moment.

1. Reborn (Anthony Yarranton Remix) by Nico Parisi, Manu Riga
2. Moonling (Andrew K Remix) by Miraculum
3. Deep Throat by Amper Clap
4. Bodylost by Gaiser
5. Turn the music to your head (Zoltan Kontes 4Hours Mix) by Uppercut

Direct download: SM102013.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:38pm PDT

New techno mix! Track listing:

1. Magic Ritual by Stefano Rocchi
2. One Round by Skymate, Tadeo Quinto
3. Radar (Ant Brooks Remix) by Alberto Ruiz
4. Bombing Rights (Spark Taberner remix) by Greg Grajek
5. Nature Ghost by Kopfnikker
6. Train Tool by Kopfnikker

Direct download: SM100613.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 2:12pm PDT

So inspired - went to Zurich, Hungary, then Burning Man - wow! What an amazing summer =)

Track listing for the latest mix! And yes - threw in some vocals for a change..

1. Revelation (Yuriy From Russia Remix) by Audio Noir

2 I Wish You Were Here Feat. Nkemdi (Lonya & Roi Okev Remix) by John Creamer & Stephane K, Nkemdi

3. Collision by Hollen

4. Right Things (Paco Maroto Remix) by Siwell

5. Somebody's Face (Jelly for the Babies Remix) by Paul Martinez, Fiddler

Direct download: SM090813.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:08am PDT

After a long break here a new bangning techno mix. Track listing: 

1.  Organized Crime by Microvibez

2. Dop The Door by Stiv Hey, Stephan Esse

3. Deep Alpha by Akashic

4.  Fidel by Project 24

5.  Blizzard by Digital Mess

6.  The Offer Still Stands by Pierre J, Petter B

Direct download: SM081213.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:45am PDT

Deep house to techno. On another note, will be the opening DJ for the Martinez Brothers at Vessel Night club in San Francisco on 6.27.13. Hope you can make it out! Free entry by RSVP'ing on Vessel's website. Cheers!

1. Illusion by Vandermeer, Quintin Christian, MoodWarp
2. Get Down (Alex Arnout Remix) by Tiago Schneider, Touchtalk
3. Across the Universe by Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca
4. Chordy Track by Macromism
5. Reaction Control by Eze Ramirez

Direct download: SM062313.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 3:57pm PDT

Track listing for this mix:

1.  Incubation by Matt Keyl
2.  Do DNA by Dash
3.  Tecnocidia by Minimal Collective
4.  Moob (Quivvers Deep Remix) by James Harcourt
5.  Show me Love by Alec Bruno

Direct download: SM060913.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 9:21pm PDT

Track listing coming soon!

Direct download: SM052513.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 12:26am PDT

Back with some great techno tracks that I recently played out in San Francisco at a club name Monroe. Enjoy!
1. Rolling (Audiomatiques Rmx) by Raul Mezcolanza, Marc Maya
2. Cream (Ambivalent Remix) by Harvard Bass
3. Blow! by Jovan Le Saunier
4. Pump by DJ Fronter, David Hat
5. Dirty by MiniCoolBoyz

Direct download: SM051513.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 7:49pm PDT

Ambient and Chill Deep House. Track listing soon to come. Until then,  to listen to this track close your eyes, imagine a beautiful orange colored sun with an amazing vanilla sky - sunset or sunrise - your choice. ;) Much love.

Direct download: SM042113.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 1:49am PDT

Track listing:
1. Blaa Blaa Bla by Minitronik
2. Nothing Nowhere (The Junkies Remix) by Saso Recyd
3. T4 by Markantonio, Roberto Capuano
4. Maskuetta (Dan Price Remix) by J-Hecht
5. The Sun by Khrononaut's
6. Free Your Mind byBeckers
7. Sign 'O' the Times (Amo & Navas Re-Work) by Dino Lenny, Amnesia

Direct download: SM041413.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 10:21pm PDT

 Track listing:
1. Live Free by Playground
2. Simple Cube by Cactus Twisters
3. Overdrive by Eric D
4. Little Helper 62-1 by Pablo Denegri, Juan Zolbaran
5. Slob (Nick Curly remix) by Zoo Brazil
6. Bassception by Fat Acid, Ozien

Direct download: SM033113.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 11:12pm PDT

 A melodic phychedelic techno presenation. All we need is a good VJ for visuals. Here we go!

1. Slow (Key900 Remix) by Meyens, Cheise
2. White Collar by Thomas T.
3. Moob (Quivvers Moob Deep Remix) by James Harcourt
4. Denial (Lonya Remix) by Sound Process, Guille Quero
5. Stop Bath by Marc B
6. Mr. Drive by Hot Since 82

Direct download: SM032413.mp3
Category:music -- posted at: 8:35pm PDT