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Sound and Machine

Welcome to Sound and Machine, a podcast dedicated to broaden listeners musical horizons, and to nurture and promote underground music genres such as techno, tech house, minimal, chill tech, etc. Your podcast host is Zita Molnar, from Zettabyte [Records] based in San Francisco.

Feb 16, 2015

Track listing for this mix:

1. Nymph by Tatumba, Mandello
2. My Robot Friend by Olivier Giacomotto
3. Submerge by Robbie Pope
4. My Venom (“She is Poison” Daya Remix) by Zita Molnar
5. B-Side (M. Rodriguez Remix) by@David David...

Feb 16, 2015

Track listing:

1. Los Angeles by Ricky Ryan, Kosmas
2. Scholomance by Ruslan Khodzhamov
3. Valencia (Dousk Remix) by Darin Epsilon
4. 800 lesbians by Snilloc
5. Escape you notice by Thomas Neumann
6. Acid Ice Cream (Acid Drums Mix) by Jeremy...