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Sound and Machine

Welcome to Sound and Machine, a podcast dedicated to broaden listeners musical horizons, and to nurture and promote underground music genres such as techno, tech house, minimal, chill tech, etc. Your podcast host is Zita Molnar, from Zettabyte [Records] based in San Francisco.

Nov 7, 2019

Had a fantastic time playing for Camp Strangelove at Burning Man this year. My set was at sundown on a beautiful warm thursday.

Track listing:
1. Matine (Original Mix) by Daniel Meister
2. Malaga (Original Mix) by Sven Tasnadi
3. Riva (Original Mix) by Farerskyi
4. Step Outside (Olivier Giacomotto Remix) by Metodi...

Nov 5, 2019

Track listing:
1. Street Lights (Original Mix) by Leonardo Kirling
2. Breath Deep (Ramon Tapia Remix) by Toni Rios
3. Solar Apocalypse (Medizan Mix) by YSSY
4. Ripple (Original Mix) by Sean Collier
5. Strip Trip (Original Mix) by David Londono
5. BRS (Original Mix) by H. Paul