Sound and Machine

Good times playing San Francisco's after hours party, PROX.IM.I.TY.  The venue was in the perfect warehouse with a great crowd where the party didnt stop till the sun came up. Much thanks for the PROX.IM.I.TY crew for having me. 

Track listing:

  1. DMT Flash (Original mix) by Dirt Fun
  2. Nasty Minutes (Emilio Romo Remix) by Dario Troisi
  3. Angels in the Club (Original Mix) by Boiler K, Elekplunkinkantk
  4. Heartbleed (Original Mix) by Onrum
  5. No Obstacles (Original Mix) by Luca M, JUST2, Alex Rise
  6. Notos (Original Mix) by Tony Puccio
  7. Illusion (Original Mix) by Hunter/Game
  8. Zwitch (Original Mix) by Heerhorst
  9. Open Fields (Original Mix) by Chris Nord
  10. R.X (Nightmare) by Manu Soto
  11. Killer Plastic (Original Mix) by Giorgio Rusconi
  12. Affair (Sven Tasnadi Remix) by Chris Child
  13. Youth (Original Mix) by Chris QHQ
  14. Iwigo (Original Mix) by Tini Garcia
  15. Pfeffle (Original Mix) by Sweetland
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