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Had the pleasure to be an opening DJ for Pig and Dan at Verso nightclub in San Francisco during their North America tour. Currently, Pig&Dan are the most charting techno duo on Beatport. These guys are known not to go above 124bpm with their sets, so I had to be mindful with my track selection to create just the right intensity level for the room. The following was played:

  1. Hunting Buddha by Mundopal
  2. The 770 (Original Mix) by Didier dlb
  3. La Espera (Original Mix) by Razz
  4. Curly (Gianluca Caldarelli Remix) by Bulaklak
  5. D-Tonation (Original Mix) by D-Tention
  6. Krasiva (Marco Madia Remix) by Dipo
  7. Consciente De Ser (Original Mix) by Osman Villamizar
  8. No Obstacles (Original Mix) by Luca M, JUST2, Alex Rise
  9. Moondancer (Antonio Valente Remix) by Saytek
  10. Muse (Original Mix) by Stephen Macias
  11. Striking (Original mix) by Marver
  12. Division (Original Mix) by Brian Cid
  13. Apocalypto (Kikdrm Remix) by Grasso & Maxim



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