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An epic night with an epic crew and a fantastic headliner from Berlin, Germany - named Developer, who is a Los Angeles born, frequent Berghain performer, label boss, and distributor for over 20 years on the world techno scene. San Francisco's Airpusher Collective is a Burning Man camp with a great mission.  It was amazing to be part of such a great night. Track listing was the following:
1. Transparent Curtains (Original Mix) by Florin Kah
2. Stardust (Original Mix) by Lerio Corrado
3. Been Too Long (Original Mix) by Absntmnded
4. New Horizons (Original Mix) by Raffaele Rizzi
5. Flow (Original Mix) by Alex Delgado
6. Preach Free (Original Mix) by Mario Giordano
7. Master Of Clock (Original mix) by Sam, Billy Roger
8. Puddle (Original Mix) by Akulin
9. Say It Again (Original Mix) by Loco & Jam
10. Critical Mass (Original mix) by Sin Sin
11. Hype (Original mix) by Basara-ZA
12. Microcosm (Original Mix) by Damon
13. Love in the End (Original Mix) by Re:Axis
14. Geoid (Original Mix) by AndReew
15. Travel Time (Original Mix) by Stephan Krus
16. Kepler (Original Mix) by Ben Shiden
17. Passage in the Mine (Original Mix) by Raphael Asman
18. I Got Soul (Alexic Rod Remix) by SICHI
19. Lottery Ticket (Original Mix) by Kostas Maskalides, Durtysoxxx
20. Robots 1019 (Original Mix) by DJ Dextro

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Sound & Machine 07.03.16

Track listing:

  1. Stardust (Original Mix) by Lerio Corrado
  2. Intergalactic Funk Force (Original Mix) by Ian Davies
  3. Preach Free (Original Mix) by Mario Giordano
  4. Hi Jay (Original Mix) by Joe Kendut
  5. Vip (Gesus Lpz Remix) by Queco
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Opening for Carlo Lio was a great experience. I had to think and research well for my set, him being a versatile international talent whose techno style varies, yet its always on point. Thoughts: how do I want to start steering the "ship"? What music should I put in my digi crate? I m usually armed with about 80 new tracks for any major event, but I didnt know what to focus on this time: I felt the music had to be techno, but not too fast (duh - I m opening)but headlining the last couple times I caught my ears wired toward peak hour energy material that was not going to work. Other decision: shall I play american or european techno, what to have as a back up in case the crowd is not ready for the brand new releases from just days and weeks ago? shall I have something familiar - should I sneak in deeper stuff? or how about some minimal or acid tracks? Words vs no words ( I prefer zero vocals but wanted to push my boundaries a bit) Will Carlo be able to link in and continue the "story" us opener started? I felt I did alright ;) Love thinking about music, the audience, bringing new underground stuff to the table, and ponder about the crowds reaction. I feel at one point if its done right the audience and the DJs think as "one", vibe together - and thats the BESTEST feeling ever for a musician like me. Thanks for all who came out to the event! If you are on Resident Advisor, I would greatly appreciate your support by "favoriting" / " liking" me as one of your artists. The RA website has been lately the go-to source for many talent buyers, club owners, and promoters - hence the need to boost those numbers a little bit ;) 

Track list is the following: 
1. Portmany (Original Mix) by Chris Main
2. Wild (Adrian Laguna Remix) by Lander B, Oscar Escapa
3. Ambition (Original Mix) by Gabe, Dashdot
4. Rehab (Original Mix) by Milex
5. Dance Everyone (AudiTech Remix) by Alexis Centurion
6. Defect (Original Mix) by Ramon Bedoya
7. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
8. Haarlem (Original Mix) by George Privatti, Daniel Spanjaard
9. Do Your Ting (Original Mix) by Nino Bua
10. Poetry Boat (Original Mix) by Analyst
11. Red Hole (Original Mix) by Angelo Raguso, Felipe G
12. All Night Long (Nonnus & Porter Rhodes Remix) by Dastin, Uron
13. F14 (Martin Giraldez Remix) by Alan Hash
14. Out (Original Mix) by Paulo Foltz
15. Charlie (Original Mix) by Alex Long, Stanny Abram

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Live recorded mix from Las Vegas. Played at a party out there called: Techno Taco Tuesday - great event, proper music, every tuesday. Liked the vibe - check it out next time you are in Las Vegas.
Track listing:
1. Bad Circuit (Original Mix) by Pablo Muzi3k
2. Fly My Car (Original Mix) by Dave Wincent
3. Vip (Gesus Lpz Remix) by Queco
4. Tecun (Original Mix) by Tektonauts
5. Puddle Trouble (Nic Fanciulli & Marc Fanciulli Remix) by Matthias Tanzmann, Dan Drastic
6. Ambition (Original Mix) by Gabe, Dashdot
7. Ripple (Original Mix) by Sean Collier
8. Cube (Original Mix) by Dave Wincent
9. Defect (Original Mix) by Ramon Bedoya
10. Panico en el Toilette by Modulus
11. PDC (Original Mix) by Omar Labastida, Gianni Ruocco
12. Do Your Ting (Original Mix) by Nino Bua
13. Sourmash (Original Mix) by Sound Sour
14. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
15. Red Hole (Original Mix) by Angelo Raguso, Felipe G
16. No me gusta (Original) by Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez
17. Mr Toad (Silvio Malla Remix) by Gabriel Rocha
18. Tempest (Original Mix) by Locomatica
19. Let the Beat Back (Original Mix) by Noisebuilder
20. Pressure (Horatio Remix) by KI Creighton, Makanan
21. Ice Plains (Original Mix) by Mind Over MIDI
22. Dream Along (Original Mix) by Likuidvibe
23. Intoxicating (Original Mix) by Kevin Witt
24. Roll (Original Mix) by Sven Sossong
25. Override (Ricardo Garduno Remix) by JAK
26. Dangerous Dream (Original Mix) by Dieter Dresner

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New mix. Also aired on Dance Factory Radio (Chicago)

Track listing:

1. Technotik (Rhythm Part Remix) by Alex Mor
2. Heat by Alex Long, Stanny Abram
3. Two Minds by Joe Mesmar
4. Till The End (Cesar D' Constanzzo Remix) by Stefano Panzera
5. Born Spark by Dustin Zahn

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Track listing:

1. Don't Stop (Original Mix) by Drumdrive
2. Black Androit (Original Mix) by Maunell
3. Defect (Original Mix) by Ramon Bedoya
4. Kay Nasty (Original Mix) by Alex Cristea
5. Onde de choc (Cosmic Boys Remix) by Le Son Du Placard
6. F14 (Martin Giraldez Remix) by Alan Hash



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Good times playing for the Pulse Generator event in San Francisco at Underground SF. This recorded live mix is also downloadable from my podcast called "Sound and Machine" on iTunes.
Track listing:
1. Ethinic Africa (Original Mix) by Nino Bellemo, Quality Cat
2. Deep Freeze (Original Mix) by Flare
3. Favorite Mistake (Original Mix) by DJ Lugo
4. Sourmash (Original Mix) by Sound Sour
5. Rub It (Agogô Tool Mix) by Trunkline
6. No me gusta (Original) by Luis Izquierdo, Diego Gonzalez
7. Placebo (Original Mix) by Le Son Du Placard
8. No Such Thing as a White Horse (Original Mix) by Kaye
9. Charlie (Original Mix) by Alex Long, Stanny Abram
10. Solid Dark (Original Mix) by Ben Champell
11. Molecular Beats (Original Mix) by Dan Traxmander, Luchiiano Vegas
12. Flying For Stars (Original mix) by Modular Phaze
13. Red Flag (Darkrow Remix) by Freeman (Spain)
14. Mixed Messages (Joseph Christopher Reconstruction) by Yvonne Black
15. Stellar (Original mix) by Stellar (Original mix)
16. Port Caol (Original Mix) by Matt Sassari
17. Full Body Contact (Raxon Remix) by Maurice Aymard
18. Casual (Original Mix) by Patrik Berg
19. Wailing (Alberto Ruiz Remix) by Aitor Ronda
20. Transpire (A++ Remix) by Fractious



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San Francisco is famous of its after hours parties. Had the pleasure to spin 7am at Monroe. It was one heck of  morning, since I had to play just 4 hours before that at Public Works for Crystal Method. I often like such crazy sets, because i m totally relying on the subconcious and play the best, wickedest, most fun sets. 

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Got to be part of the epic 14 year anniversary party for San Francisco's Opel Productions. The headliner was Crystal Method -who also announced their retirement. What a night. Track listing coming soon.

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Closed out the night after Las Vegas homies from "Techno Taco Tuesday" (Lance and Tino) headlined the MNML:FUN party. What is MNML:FUN? Its a monthly techno event in San Francisco, independently ran by 3 good friends who have no help from sponsors, major nightclubs, promoters - they do it all their own. The party books quality techno and minimal DJs that are from their respectable local communities and who are known to take pride in their craft and track selections. Every 3rd friday - come on by Underground SF in San Francisco to party with us. ;)
Had to stop when the lights came on at the club, so the set is not quite an hour.
Track listing:
1. Brooklyn by Ange Siddhar, Illan Nicciani
2. Xevious (Oxia Remix) by Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo
3. Swesay by Matt Sassari
4. Puddle Trouble (Nic Fanciulli & Marc Fanciulli Remix) by Matthias Tanzmann, Dan Drastic
5. In My Brain by Juan Ddd, Celic
6. Do That by 909 Til Infinity
7. Dreams Always Stay (Blondee Remix) by Ricardo Princess, Elaine Winter
8. Back to 1994 by Saulo Paul
9. Light Sabotage by Jeff Scroggin
10. Consumer by Sin Sin
11. Arcane (Robotmode Remix) by Mauro Nakimi
12. Wolfpack by Zita Molnar
13. 25 Dreams by Zita Molnar

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