Sound and Machine

This is the same mix that aired on Dance Factory Radio‚Äč, Chicago.

I have decided to do something different today, and focused the mix on chill music with vocals only. The Sound and Machine podcast being my musical playground and sound lab, I felt it was time do something with vocals for the first time in 5 years. ;)

Track listing for the episode is the following:

  1. Not the Same (Original Mix) by Four Days
  2. Acid Rain (Original Mix) by Campaner
  3. Insane (Rare Candy Remix) by Mickey Shiloh, Somn3um
  4. Frozen (LTN Sunrise Remix) by Christina Novelli, Roman Messer
  5. The Reach (Original Mix) by Four Days, Levitone
  6. Vectra (Original Mix) by Referna
  7. No Sympathy (Original Mix) by Maya Jane Coles


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